Psaki is Blasted for Claiming to Be a “Journalist”

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In times like this, it’s nothing to hear one political side or the other claim one narrative as truth. But now, we even have those political mouthpieces claiming to be “journalists.”

Or at least that’s what former White House press secretary Jen Psaki believes she is.

According to a recent interview with former BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith (the same man who decided to publish the now-debunked Steele dossier as truth), Psaki made it quite clear that she believes she is providing a service to millions of Americans eager for news and truth.

Smith, point blank, asked her, “Do you consider yourself a journalist?” To which she responded in the affirmative.
“I do.”

She then tried to explain herself, claiming that journalism “is providing information to the public, helping to make things clear, explaining things, having conversations with people people want to learn more about. So I think there’s a broad expansion of what that is.”

Of course, it’s a “broad expansion.” Because clearly, providing the news as it happens isn’t what Psaki is either known for or even what she’s doing now as a part of MSNBC.

Instead, as plenty of social media users pointed out, she’s nothing more than a “propaganda shill.”

Then again, as I mentioned before, there is very little difference for most of the mainstream media. You can turn on the TV or radio at just about any given moment, and you’re bound to hear someone claiming to be a journalist or news anchor spinning their own opinion about what is happening in our nation or the world.
Psaki used to do it from the White House, telling the American people what the Democratic Party wants us to believe as truth. Now that Karine Jean-Pierre has taken over that platform, Psaki’s just begun doing it for MSNBC.

While that network might have had some measure of credibility to it in the past, it’s becoming more and more transparent that additions like Psaki aren’t helping to maintain that. Instead, the term journalism, just like so many others as of late, is being redefined with a leftist spin.

But that doesn’t mean we must take what they say as truth.