Former CDC Chief Exposes Hidden Dangers of COVID mRNA

During a U.S. Senate hearing, Senator Ron Johnson questioned former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) head Dr. Robert Redfield (2018-2021) about the COVID-19 mRNA injections. Dr. Redfield made some surprising admissions regarding...

WATCH: Being Grammatically Correct Could Make You Racist

What is this world coming to? Now, your grammar is under attack. Apparently, knowing...

Outrage Erupts as House Dem Staffer Posts ‘Don’t Miss Next Time’ After Trump Incident

A staffer for Democratic Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson has been fired after suggesting "shooting...

Oregon Hospitals’ Negligence Puts Thousands at Risk of Contracting Deadly Diseases

In a shocking display of incompetence, thousands of innocent lives have been endangered due...

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WATCH: The Withdrawal Rules for Your 401(k) Have Changed

Bidenomics has made it hard for many to survive. Cashing out some of your 401(k) can help to soften the blow. Find out about the latest withdrawal rules:

Octogenarian-in-Chief: How Biden’s Blunders Could Flip Congress

Well, folks, it looks like Joe Biden has once again fumbled the ball during...

FedEx is Spying on Millions of Americans in a Clearly Illegal Big Tech Plot

If you thought the federal government was out of control illegally spying on Americans...

Great Shot: 72-Year-Old Florida Man Manages to Hit a Walmart Delivery Drone

An elderly Florida man has been arrested after police say he successfully managed to...

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