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You Won’t Believe What Trans Activists Just Did to This Girls’ Safety Hotline

In a world where the left's protests never seem to hit the snooze button, trans activists have upgraded from street theatrics to a more...

WATCH: The Truth Behind Joe Biden’s Stutter

Some believe that Joe Biden's stutter isn't real - it's just a way to make him seem more relatable. Get the full story now:
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Florida and Oklahoma Slam Biden: Is His Latest Title IX Policy Even Legal?

Florida and Oklahoma are putting their foot down against the Biden administration's proposed Title IX tweaks, basically telling them, "Not on our watch!" They're...
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Pennsylvania Taco Bell Offers Drive-Thru CPR

Taco Bell isn’t a company known for a hidden menu like In-N-Out. While their chefs would like to think their food is so good...
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Massive Recall Issued for Common Herb

Fresh basil is a household favorite for foodies and cooks nationwide. However, a recent batch of it could also cause illness. According to NPR, at...
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Proof: The DoD Has an Official Policy for Recovering Crashed UFO/UAPs

A surprisingly unredacted document from the Joint Chiefs was just released, which reveals that the Department of Defense has an official active policy for...
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Abbott Sets the Record Straight on SCOTUS Border Wire Ruling

It’s obvious the United States is in the middle of a major border/national security/immigration crisis. It’s also obvious that there’s really just one solution...
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Abbott Signs Bill Allowing Cops to Arrest Illegals

National borders and security measures keep us all safe. It is why houses have locking doors, yards have fences, etc., and yet, for the...
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WH on Hunter Ignoring Subpoena: You Do You, Boo 

On the December 14th edition of “CNN This Morning” White House Spokesman for Oversight and Investigations Ian Sams spoke with the hosts about Hunter...
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Sen. Britt (R-AL) Leads the Charge for Citizenship Verification for Mail-In Ballots

Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) is suddenly leading Republicans in the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. Filing legislation, she wants to allow states the...

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