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Meet Noah: A Fentanyl-Addicted Child in Hellhole San Francisco

If you plucked someone out of the filthiest slum in Mumbai today and dropped them off on Market Street in San Francisco, they’d beg...
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Thanks, Bidenomics: Beloved Burger Chain Bites the Dust

The restaurant industry is facing a severe crisis, thanks to the double whammy of Bidenomics and the aftermath of COVID-19. This week, another chain...
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RFK Jr. Lists a Fake Address as His Official Voting Address

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has listed a home in Katonah, New York, as his official voting residence. There are a couple...
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Doctor with Terminal Diagnosis Now Cancer-Free After First-of-Its-Kind Treatment

When you’re given a terminal diagnosis, it’s hard to have hope sometimes. Thankfully, the human will to live can beat even the worst odds,...
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You Won’t Believe What Trans Activists Just Did to This Girls’ Safety Hotline

In a world where the left's protests never seem to hit the snooze button, trans activists have upgraded from street theatrics to a more...

WATCH: The Truth Behind Joe Biden’s Stutter

Some believe that Joe Biden's stutter isn't real - it's just a way to make him seem more relatable. Get the full story now:
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Florida and Oklahoma Slam Biden: Is His Latest Title IX Policy Even Legal?

Florida and Oklahoma are putting their foot down against the Biden administration's proposed Title IX tweaks, basically telling them, "Not on our watch!" They're...
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Pennsylvania Taco Bell Offers Drive-Thru CPR

Taco Bell isn’t a company known for a hidden menu like In-N-Out. While their chefs would like to think their food is so good...
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Massive Recall Issued for Common Herb

Fresh basil is a household favorite for foodies and cooks nationwide. However, a recent batch of it could also cause illness. According to NPR, at...
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Proof: The DoD Has an Official Policy for Recovering Crashed UFO/UAPs

A surprisingly unredacted document from the Joint Chiefs was just released, which reveals that the Department of Defense has an official active policy for...

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