AOC Gets Off Course with House Oversight Committee with Anti-LGBT+ Complaints – Watch

James Andrews1 /
James Andrews1 /

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went off against Twitter for its refusal to permanently suspend an influential account linked to anti-LGBT+ smears and threats of violence.

This took place during a House Oversight Committee hearing on 8 February.

AOC questioned former executives at the social media platform asking why “Libs of TikTok” was allowed to falsely suggest that Boston Children’s Hospital was performing hysterectomies on transgender children. She said that this fueled threats and harassment toward the hospital and its staff.

The New York congresswoman asked Twitter’s former head of safety Yoel Roth why the account was not suspended “despite inspiring a bomb threat due to the right-wing incitement of violence against trans Americans.” Mr. Roth said that “regrettably” the account remained active.

The hospital has faced threats that include harassing phone calls and emails. There have also been some death threats made, as well as mass casualty attacks.
But AOC did not just go after Twitter, she accused Republican lawmakers of trying to “co-opt” the social media platform while leveraging the power of the committee to advance its agenda.

She said that it was right-wing officials and personalities who “cannot let go of this obsession … with inciting violence against trans people.”

AOC also said that the GOP can’t pick on anyone their size. And it was an abuse of public resources.

“We could be talking about health care…We could be talking abortion rights, civil rights, voting rights, but instead, we’re talking about Hunter Biden’s half fake laptop story. I mean this is an embarrassment,” she said.

The committee was called by Republican lawmakers to grill former Twitter executives about the company’s decision in 2020 to prevent users from sharing a controversial story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The New York Post ran a story with information and pictures allegedly obtained from a laptop that belonged to him.

But AOC decided to hijack the agenda for her own issues.