Bud Light Puts WHO on Their Beer Cans?

monticello / shutterstock.com
monticello / shutterstock.com

For avid beer drinkers, Bud Light and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch, is one of the most well-known and loved. But recent decisions by the company are leaving fewer and fewer fans out there.

The most recent is a decision to put the face of Dylan Mulvaney on their Bud Light cans.

If you don’t know who Mulvaney is, know that he, as a biological male turned female, is one of the more popular transgender influencers of the day. With 11 million TikTok followers and Hollywood stars like Drew Barrymore literally kneeling before him on her talk show, Mulvaney has officially hit the big leagues, so to speak.

The decision to use his face is part of its marketing for the NCAA basketball tournament. To be clear, Mulvaney is not a basketball player or even known as a big sports fan. Instead, he’s an actor, well, an actress now.

While he has starred in some plays and musicals you may have heard of, he didn’t really make it big until he started posting a video of his transformation into a woman during the pandemic. Now, he is currently and quite possibly one of the most well-known faces for gender dysphoria anywhere.

And apparently, that’s all Bud Light needs to know to put his face on their cans.

Mulvaney posted a video to his social media accounts this past weekend celebrating his “gift.” He noted that he had “celebrated my day 365 of womanhood during the week. And Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever: a can with my face on it.”

He, of course, then quickly encouraged fans to go to his Instagram story to “enjoy March Madness with Bud Light and maybe win some money too.”

But while Mulvaney might be on cloud nine about the new can look, most of Bud Light’s typical audience is not.

As Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier tweeted on Sunday, “Bud Light clearly does not understand their target audience.”

And I have to say I agree.

I mean, when you think of beer-drinking men, and especially beer-drinking sports fans, how many of those are part of the trans movement? Or even the LBGTQ+ community?

Let me just say that, in my experience, the number is very few.

And the number of critiques on social media seem to agree with that assumption.

As one man asked, “Who the hell at @budlight thought it was a good idea to make a grown man who dresses like little girls their new spokesperson?” He then added, “Brands have to stop listening to their woke creative teams and get in touch with their consumer demographics.”

Perhaps if they had actually done a little research or simply looked at who usually buys light beer, they’d know that this move wasn’t going to go over all that well.

As it stands now, hundreds have already announced their boycott of Bud Light and even the entire Anheuser-Busch beer family. After all, it’s not like there aren’t a whole lot of other light beer options out there.

As another Twitter user noted, it wouldn’t mean anything to him to simply switch to a different kind of beer to serve his guests.

Now, to be clear, this isn’t the first time Bud Light has made such an embarrassing “woke” decision.

You might remember a series of ads put out by the company back in 2016 featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan. As you can imagine, with those two, the ads were chucked full of pandering and virtue signaling to the political left.

And it did nothing to promote sales of their beer.

In fact, it was so bad that the comments section on one ad had to be officially shut down. Additionally, the Washington Post noted that the ads were eventually cut entirely after the company experienced a rather severe drop in sales.

But apparently, the company didn’t learn its lesson. Maybe they will this time. Bud Light fans everywhere can only hope.