Pastor is Arrested for What He Said About LGBT

MVolodymyr /
MVolodymyr /

If you are worried about the war on Christianity that seems to be happening here in America, then you need to know what’s been going on in Canada. Because if we don’t do something now, that is precisely where we are headed.

You might remember that during the height of the COVID pandemic, our government and that of Canada forced “non-essential” businesses like hair salons, churches, and bars to close. You might also remember that a few of those businesses refused to shut down.

Here in America, those refusals resulted in fines and tickets. In Canada, people were jailed. Oddly enough, though, it only seemed to be Christians or Christian leaders who received this punishment.

With COVID’s shutdowns gone, the liberal and tyrannical government no longer has quite the excuse to target pastors anymore. That is until a few pastors decided to take a stand against what they believed to be a perversion culture that has been allowed to take root.

Derick Reimer, the pastor of Mission 7, a street ministry, has gotten in a particular bit of trouble.

Over the last eight weeks, he’s been arrested no less than three times – and for nothing more than protesting drag queen story hours for children.

Like many of us, Reimer sees these events as a major problem and, in fact, an affront to our children and traditional Christian values. And so, over the past few
months, he’s shown up to a number of these events and protested.

Naturally, some don’t like his particular brand of free speech. And so they’ve called the cops on him, claiming that he is harassing the LGBT community, shouting obscenities in the presence of children, and disturbing the peace.

The first instance occurred on February 25 when he supposedly began shouting “transphobic and homophobic slurs” during a Seton Library reading in Calgary, Alberta. On March 2, he was arrested for that “criminal harassment and mischief.”

He was jailed for several days and told to stay away from all LBGT individuals and activities.

But on March 15, he attended a reading at Signal Hill Library, where he again was charged with disturbance, mischief, and harassment.
He was set free on March 22 and told to remain at least 300 meters away from anything LBGT related.

On March 27, he went to another reading at another library and again spent time in jail for making “harassing comments” and engaging in “hate speech.”
April 2 was the latest incident when he was arrested on outstanding warrants following another bout of “hate speech” at yet another library.

Now, you might just think this guy is a gluten for punishment. But as other pastors in the area have noted, it’s more. One called it an “open hatred toward Christianity” by the government.

But that doesn’t mean Reimer doesn’t have a right to speak his mind or to stand against what he believes is wrong.