“Clueless” Star Makes Surprising Endorsement for 2024

As far as Hollywood is concerned, we all know just how liberal they tend to be. That’s why when actress Alicia Silverstone decided to endorse a Democrat for the 2024 presidency, no one was really all that surprised.

Then again, she’s bucked the party of her industry in choosing a different Democrat than most.

In a post to her social media accounts on Wednesday, she announced that she is endorsing not the beloved aging Joe Biden but Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

She noted in the video that she, like many in the nation, has grown increasingly disappointed and even frustrated with our political process and its leaders. In fact, such frustration caused her to actually pull her registration as a member of the Democratic Party last year.

While she didn’t name a particular person or even group, she noted that over the last few years, those we have supposedly voted into office have only seemed to serve themselves, causing division, spewing lies – and all at the expense of “we the people.”

Silverstone admits that she had nearly completely given up on politics and America’s government. That is until RFK Jr. arrived on the scene.

As she says, “But (Kennedy) gives me hope. This man gets me excited about the potential for truth and justice. He provides hope for young and old to trust our government once again. RFK Jr. is a person we can be inspired and be proud to call President.”

Now, I’m not saying that he is our absolute best option at this point. However, I know he’s got to be better than the aging sap currently sitting in the Oval Office. For starters, he’s actually visited the southern border and is willing to admit the crisis going on down there.

And it seems Silverstone isn’t the only Democrat or former Democrat to have noticed Kennedy’s virtues over Biden’s. Just weeks into his campaign, he’s already polling around 20 percent of his party’s approval.

And with so many Biden gaffes and mistakes to come, that will only grow.