Iconic Landmark Gets a “Pride” Makeover

Frank Romeo / shutterstock.com
Frank Romeo / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard, June is “Pride” month. And so the political left has been pushing rainbows and pro-LGBT stuff everywhere they can.

But it seems that even in Sin City, it’s all a bit too much.

In honor of Pride month, city leaders have decided to give an iconic landmark, the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign that sits just outside the metropolis, a “pride” makeover. Basically, the lights surrounding the sign have been changed out for rainbow colors.

The move was announced on June 9 by Clark County’s Twitter account.

In addition to the light changes, a smaller sign has been put up in front of the larger one that reads, “The perimeter lights on the sign are the colors of the rainbow for PRIDE month.”

Just in case anyone was wondering, I guess…

As KTNV-TV, a local news outlet, reported, the change was specifically made for a “pride” ceremony that took place last week. Naturally, the lights were put up well before and will remain after the ceremony is over.

But it seems even in a place as seemingly depraved as Las Vegas, there is such a thing as too far.

Residents and individuals from the surrounding area are just about up in arms over the signage change.

Apparently, even the people of Sin City are sick and tired of having woke ideology rammed down their throats. And they’re equally disgusted by the fact that the people who have pushed this agenda so hard are also doing so little to promote actual patriotism or country pride.

And if this is happening in a place like Las Vegas, it’s a good bet that most of the country agrees. Companies and politicians would be wise to heed the warning that this is.