OPED: Here are 5 Moves That Could Make DeSantis a Contender

Igor Y Eros / shutterstock.com
Igor Y Eros / shutterstock.com

Governor extraordinaire Ron DeSantis (R-FL) held the people of the US at captive attention during the pandemic. As FL followed the science and opened the state back up, his opponents screamed and whined, and they held up the science they trusted that favored masks, staying away, and vaccines. Meanwhile, DeSantis and FL residents enjoyed a robust economy once again working and a return towards normalcy.

They rallied behind him and got him to declare he would be running for President in 2024. He wanted to be the GOP rep and take on his former leader President Donald Trump as he planned his triumphant return to the White House. Suddenly, he had a fall from grace and hasn’t been able to catch back up since. Now he’s struggling to hold on, and he is even losing a foothold in his home state of Florida. Here are 5 ways for DeSantis to get back on top.

  1. Take a stance on a hard button issue – So far, all DeSantis has done is stand on the stage and read canned scripts and take staged photos. He hasn’t spoken about any of the hard issues or even attempted to address them. Instead, he keeps avoiding them like they are his mortal enemy. That doesn’t win elections. That doesn’t even get you free ice cream at camp.
  2. Start visiting unique places- Following along the more traditional pathways of previous GOP candidates, DeSantis has yet to take his message someplace the American people don’t expect him to go. He hasn’t ventured away from his safe spaces, and thus far, he has yet to prove he knows a damn thing about the heartland of America. Going to Alaska, remote Montana, or even a stock car race in rural North Carolina could go a long way in getting people to like him again.
  3. Get Florida to settle their issues- Between Walt Disney World with their fights concerning LGBTQ rights, oppressive heat, and a cost of living that is soaring out of control, FL is filled with problems. With all the transplants coming from other states, native Floridians are being priced out of the very paradise they built. DeSantis could benefit from getting his own house clean before he tries to show that he can lead the nation. People in all 50 states know Florida man is real, and they need assurance before blindly trusting him.
  4. Advocate for Veterans- As a Veteran himself, DeSantis should have a soft spot for those who wore the uniform as well. Sadly, thus far, all veterans have seen him do is shut down efforts to get them free access to parks and to try and defend the VA. He hasn’t shown that he gets it. From access to medicinal marijuana to being a guinea pig for the advanced use of psychedelics for PTSD, this community needs real medical help. Not to mention addressing their criminally low disability pay.
  5. Visit the southern border- As someone who has been handing over funding and assistance to move illegals along in Texas to other cities, he needs to spend some time along the border. Showing the American people he understands the problems the illegals are bringing to their cities and towns is one of the fastest ways to ensure he gets what the real problems of this country are and just how badly Biden made a mess of this entire nation.

It’s only August of 2023. The election isn’t until November 2024. Lots can happen in the meantime. While he still has a lot of debates, social media jabs, and other things to get through before the elections happen, Gov. DeSantis isn’t doing what he needs to do to get ready to step on that podium and lead this country into uncharted territory.