Second Major Media Outlet Mislabels Biden’s Title in as Many Days

Perry McLeod /
Perry McLeod /

When we talk about “former” presidents, it’s understood that those men are no longer presidents. They have either died or have not since left the White House in any official capacity.

And yet, not once but twice, sitting president Joe Biden was referred to as a “former president” this week.

The first occurred on Thursday when the Washington Post noted Hunter Biden as being “the former president’s son.”

Now, obviously, the article has since been corrected, seeing as Joe Biden is still alive and still occupying the White House at present.

But then, on Friday, CBS News made the same exact error.

“Former President Biden holds news conference at Camp David with leaders of Japan and South Korea.”

The mistake was again corrected fairly quickly. But as more than a few can attest, the internet records the two all too similar mistakes made in as many days.

And naturally, it’s causing some rather curious questions.

First, is this perhaps evidence that the left-leaning mainstream media knows something we don’t? After all, it’s not like Joe Biden is very popular, and his approval ratings are doing well.

Rumor already has it that he may be replaced at the last minute despite still running for 2024 and seems to be the DNC’s choice for nominee. Some have even suggested that Michelle Obama will somehow end up in the White House again.

Then again, maybe it’s simply somewhat like wishful thinking. Perhaps, the writers of these articles don’t want a failed president anymore, at least on some level.

Or is it merely a coincidence that two major outlets accidentally used similar phrasing within the same 48-hour period?

It might be more coincidence than anything. But it also stands to reason that if two completely different people who have no real connection to one another “accidentally” write the same verbiage when describing Biden, they are at least subconsciously thinking of

Biden as a has been.

And my guess is they aren’t the only ones…