Democrats Test Crazy Theory That Hamas Attack on Israel Was All Trump’s Fault

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Back when Barack Obama was in the White House, the media and the Democrats would always blame former President George W. Bush whenever something went wrong. They even did this during Obama’s second term. The tactic has now been resurrected once again. When Joe Biden makes a mess, it’s somehow all Donald Trump’s fault.

The latest example comes on the heels of Joe Biden unfreezing $6 billion in funds to Iran, which happened right before Hamas launched its sneak attack on Israel. The sneak attack must have been Donald Trump’s fault somehow. It couldn’t have been from Joe Biden making a hash of foreign policy—again.

This is an insane theory, so are you ready for it? Here goes.

Donald Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak back in May of 2017. The subject of the meeting was an ISIS plot in Syria, and the information supposedly came from Israeli intelligence. Trump shared the ISIS plot details with the Russians since they also had forces in Syria battling the terror group.

Because Trump shared information from Israel with Russia about a potential ISIS plot, the Russians then turned around and shared that intel with Iran (so the Democrats are now claiming). Then, Iran gave that intelligence from 2017 to Hamas, and it resulted in the attack at a concert in Israel six years later.

Checkmate, Trumpers!

Never mind the fact that Joe Biden gave Iran a $6 billion gift that they’re obviously going to be using to fund acts of terror around the globe. Never mind the fact that members of Hamas have been photographed carrying M4 American military rifles that Joe Biden left behind in Afghanistan when he surrendered to the Taliban. Something bad happened, so the Democrats are convinced that it MUST have been Trump’s fault.