Pennsylvania Taco Bell Offers Drive-Thru CPR

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Taco Bell isn’t a company known for a hidden menu like In-N-Out. While their chefs would like to think their food is so good that it takes your breath away, one location in Richboro, PA, is ready in case it does.

On April 20th, Natasha Long was in the Taco Bell drive-thru when her baby Myles suddenly stopped breathing. Hopping out of her car with the 11-month-old in her arms, she was experiencing a significant panic and was lost as to what to do. Taco Bell manager Becky Arbaugh saw what was happening and sprang into action.

Recounting the details for Good Morning America, Arbaugh said, “I threw my headset, I ran outside. So, I took the baby, and I started to do chest compressions… and then he finally started to breathe.” Yelling for the employees to get help there, one called 911, and paramedics arrived quickly. The infant was rushed to the hospital, doctors looked him over, and by the next day, he was doing just fine, according to his mom.

Arbaugh said she was happy to spring right into action. She only knew what to do because she had gone through something similar with her own daughter. Now forever bonded by trauma, the two mothers are a significant part of each other’s lives, and Myles has a secondary parental figure from the ordeal.

Coming to light because of Long calling Taco Bell corporate about the incident, it’s good to see Arbaugh getting proper recognition for stepping up like that. If anything, this reinforces the idea of ensuring employees are trained in basic first aid. It’s not super difficult, and it can help save a life when second counts. Considering all the additives the liberals are adding to fast food in the name of profits, this is smart business.