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It Might Not Be Global Warming That’s Changing the Sea Tides After All

Riding on this giant rock hurdling through space is a rather mind-blowing idea when you really think of it. When you compute the numbers...
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Major Automaker Invests $854 Million into WHAT Amid EV Push?

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a massive push for Americans to buy electric. Electric everything. Biden wants to ban gas stoves. Oil and gas...
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SCOTUS Finally Releases Investigation Report on Dobb’s Leak

We’ve finally heard from the Supreme Court of the United States about the investigation into the leak of a draft opinion in the Dobbs...
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Scientists Can Now Direct Lightning

This story is going to seem like a Star Wars episode, but it’s real! We now have the ability that was once just left...
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NATO Makes Headlines Regarding Another Expansion

If you haven’t heard, NATO is attempting to get an expansion. Both Sweden and Finland have decided to join the group of western military...
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When the Media Lies, This is How You Beat Them

It shouldn't surprise anyone that, amid the ongoing battle for Speaker of the House and what can only be called infighting among the Republican...

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