You Call That a Safe Country? Six Stabbed in Australian Shopping Mall

Brian A Jackson /
Brian A Jackson /

Liberals have been citing Australia as the gun model we need to have in America. Despite the massive geographical differences between the two nations, they see their lack of firearms-related crimes in the island nation and salivate at the idea.

Then, we have people like the attacker at the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping mall. Someone who proves two theories that the anti-gun crowd hates is correct; people who seek to harm will do so with or without a gun, and the best equalizer against violence is firepower.

Initially entering the mall around 3:10 pm local, he quickly left the building and came back about 10 minutes later. Immediately engaging with about nine people, he then began running around the mall with his knife, attacking nearly anyone he could get close enough to.

Attacking with a sizeable knife, the attacker killed five women and one man. Even a nine-month-old baby got slashed and needed surgery but is expected to recover. 10 other people were sent to the hospital with injuries from the attack. Reportedly 40 years old, the man was stopped dead in his tracks by armed law enforcement.

The female officer who shot him had approached him from behind on the fifth floor of the mall by herself. When he lunged at her, she didn’t hesitate and opened fire. Once neutralized, she removed his weapon and began first aid, but he didn’t survive her marksmanship. For Australia, this marks a second religious-based attack in just three days.

Unlike the American mainstream media, Australians aren’t accepting the mental health and abuse excuses liberals are making for this horrific murderer already. Instead, they want an end to the radicalization that is happening inside their borders, just like we should want here in the US. If there’s anything besides the necessity for being armed we should take away from this, it’s the fact that this kind of brainwashing is wrong and needs to end.