Tesla’s Cybertruck a Cyberdump?

wedmoments.stock / shutterstock.com
wedmoments.stock / shutterstock.com

When Technoking Elon Musk first unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, people expected it to be one of the best pickup ideas ever conceived. They expected this to be the sleek, fast, indestructible truck of the future. Instead, they got the boxy, sharp, sharp-lined truck nearly every 8-year-old kid in America drew at one point or another. Breakproof windows shattered when Musk hit them with a baseball.

Thanks to COVID further refining and production of the Cybertruck was slowed down significantly, even with the Gigafactory. Still, preorders poured in, and in November 2023 the first trucks were delivered to customers. People were willing to risk tens of thousands of dollars on this monstrous truck.

Since then, the problems have mounted faster than with any vehicle since the Ford Pinto. People are reporting that electric vehicles are becoming useless very quickly, with one becoming completely dead with just a single mile on the odometer. Videos of people testing out the perks have gone viral. One shows the electrically closed front trunk shutting with enough force to snap a girthy carrot and cucumber in half. There is no sensor to stop it from closing or to even alert someone of what is coming.

Considering the trucks were two years behind schedule, customers should have expected more for their money, especially as preorders are still going unfulfilled. The stainless-steel exterior is reportedly rusting very easily with minimal rain, making the durability of the vehicles a serious concern, particularly for those who live in humid climates in places like Florida.

Others still are seeing the message “Pull over safely. Critical steering issue detected.” Plus, “a lot of trucks are having high-voltage issues…which makes the trucks unusable.” Add in the other less significant problems, and the Cybertruck isn’t working out for most people.

Best summed up by a Canadian user on the Tesla Motor Club forum as “a toy truck at best, an experimental concept at worst.”