Australian Woman Kills 3 Teens in Car Wreck, Was Under Investigation for Grooming

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Alicia Jade Montebello, 31, originally from South Australia is one of four people suddenly killed near Bochara when a Toyota Corolla slammed into a tree early on May 27th. Meghan Fox, 14, Joshua Elmes, 15, Lucus Garzoli, 14, and Meghan’s big sister Jorja, 17, are in serious but stable condition.

The car barreled down the road, with a Snapchat story recording the car at 80+ miles per hour. It then struck the tree with such force that police have been unable to determine who was the driver of the vehicle.

What is certain though is Montebello’s checkered past. With a laundry list of offenses including drunk driving, she most recently was facing charges of stalking and violating bail.

Per the Warrnambool Standard, Montebello had been accused of stalking a teenage girl. Back in March she sent the victim over 30 text messages and stalked out her workplace. Charged with stalking as well as causing damage with a car for an incident back in February at the Branxholme Recreation Reserve. Yet the next month she was arrested and charged with bail breaches after twice being found with those same girls.

In a shocker, she pled guilty to one count of causing damage willfully, two counts of stalking, and four charges of breaching her bail conditions. Despite this plea, she was not convicted and was instead fined $700. Her previous DUI was back in January 2015, and she had her license yanked for a little over four months. The following year she was charged with driving on a disqualified (revoked her in the US) license, and failure to display P-plates (probationary driver).

This lady has caused havoc everywhere she went in Australia. Her refusal to stay away from kids was a horrible crime that everyone failed to prevent. Now these parents are stuck paying the dearest price of all for her sick addictions, and Australia gets to see the results of liberal easy-jail policies.