Looking for That Border Wall Funding? Check In Ukraine

wael alreweie / shutterstock.com
wael alreweie / shutterstock.com

Getting the southern border wall built to protect America from the invasion of illegals surging across was a great idea from President Trump. It was a long time coming, and the liberals fought it at every turn and ultimately stopped most of the new wall from going up. Since Biden has been in office, small chunks have been built or replaced, but he largely complains the nation lacks the finances to pay for it.

A $95 billion foreign aid package was passed by the House and Senate, and $60 billion alone will be heading for Ukraine. That’s more than enough to build the wall along the 2,000-mile Mexican border; the funding is rife with corruption and problems for the American people.

On the same day Biden signed off on the package, he declared how proud he was to be taking advantage of the American people. “You know, Putin started this war believing he could easily break the will of the people of Ukraine. When that failed, he changed his strategy a little bit, thinking he could break the will of NATO, the will of the United States, and our will. Well, he’s failed again.”

With Biden building out 450 miles of border for $15 billion, for an average of $33 million per mile by that rate, the remainder of the border fence could have been built with the money. Hell, we would have had repair money left over, too. As Biden sells out the American people and our future to secure his legacy in Ukraine, we need to keep an eye on how much destruction this man is causing. At this point, it could be too little too late.