Fight Breaks Out in Harris’ Secret Service Detail – Agent Arrested

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We all know the basis of DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion – is a bad idea. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t strive to include everyone if we can. But the idea that someone should be favored or chosen based on race, gender, religion, etc., is ridiculous, and at times, it can be rather dangerous.

For example, it was recently discovered that there was a problem with one of the Secret Service agents assigned to the protection of Vice President Kamala Harris. And questions about this issue lead to no small number of questions about the White House’s DEI policies.

The Washington Examiner reported on Monday that one of the armed agents assigned to Harris’s travel detail from Joint Base Andrews near Washington, D.C., has some sort of episode.

I say episode because, as Secret Service Chief of Communications Anthony Guglielmi explained, the root cause of the issue seems to be a medical one.

“At approximately 9 a.m. April 22, a U.S. Secret Service special agent supporting the vice president’s departure from Joint Base Andrews began displaying behavior their colleagues found distressing.”

Naturally, as I am sure protocol and national security demands, that behavior was reason enough for the agent to be asked to go home or leave and seek medical attention. It was then that the agent got even more “aggressive,” and a physical altercation ensued.

According to several sources, the agent in question ended up attacking his detail shift supervisor when he tried to calm the agent down.

As I mentioned before, the agent was armed, as are most USSS agents. Therefore, this could have turned really ugly, really fast.

Thankfully, reports say that the agent never went for his gun.

“(T)he gun was secured in the agent’s holster until other agents physically restrained the agent and took the gun from the agent’s possession.”

Another thing to note is that the V.P. was not present at the time of this altercation. So, neither her person nor her departure plans were negatively affected.

Again, things could have turned out much worse.

Even worse is that this was not the first time this agent had acted strangely, implying that the agent may have been hired based on DEI policies rather than his background and qualifications.