Officials Burn Through Boxes of Ammo During Arizona Standoff

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38-year-old Jesus Mendivil put the Pima Regional Critical Incident Team (PRCIT) and Tucson Police Department (TPD) through hell on earth when he barricaded himself in his home. Officers had been looking for him in connection with an aggravated assault incident, and he was now refusing to come out. Following hours of negotiations, the TPD sent in their SWAT division to try and forcibly remove him from the home.

At this point, Mendivil opened fire on the officers. Pinned down in a hail of gunfire, they were forced to respond with strategic fire of their own to fall back to safety. For another several hours, both the TPD and PRCIT attempted to get him to surrender using less-than-lethal tools. Rather than give up, though, he kept firing off rounds at officers. According to reports from PRCIT the Pima County Sheriff’s Department then cleared a nearby park of civilians and then began their plan to go in.

In a movie-like sequence, the Arizona DPS brought in armored equipment to forcibly remove a portion of Mendivil’s exterior wall to get access to him. Breeching the new hole, they found him alive, armed, and still combative. Armed with two handguns and a semiautomatic rifle, he proceeded to shoot himself in the head when he saw them. He was still alive when they transported him to a local hospital, where he ultimately succumbed to his wounds.

While officials have not yet released an exact number of rounds they fired off at Mendivil, the clips and writeups make it a substantial amount. Around his body, over 400 spent casings were found, and given the volume of response they gave him, you can almost guarantee they shot off even more. Officials are now looking into the incident to find out where things may have gone this wrong.