Third Amendment? NY Mayor Wants to Quarter Illegal Aliens in Americans’ Homes

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Most people have never heard the true horror stories of why we have the Third Amendment in the Bill of Rights. That’s the one that prohibits the quartering of troops in private homes without the owner’s permission. Well, it looks like New Yorkers are about to find out why that amendment is so important!

Let’s review:

The Third Amendment reads “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”

The country has been absolutely swamped by illegal aliens since Joe Biden took office. Even Democrat mayors and governors are complaining about it because the situation is so awful.

The vast majority of the illegal aliens are fighting-aged male warriors. Sure, the TV cameras come running whenever they spot a family with kids, but the reality is that most are adult males, and no one knows how many of them have had paramilitary or terrorist training.

New York City has now run out of places to house all of the illegals that are showing up. So, what’s the mayor’s newest bad idea?

He wants to quarter these foreign troops in the homes of New Yorkers. Mayor Eric Adams says, “There are residents right now who are suffering because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms.”

He’ll even pay the New Yorkers to quarter the foreign troops, so that way it’s by consent and not technically a violation of the Third Amendment.

It’s not like foreign troops have ever held American fathers at gunpoint in the homes where they were quartered while viciously raping their wives and daughters in front of them. Never mind the fact that the quartering of British troops in American homes was one of the main grievances of the colonists in the Declaration of Independence.

The Democrats hate Americans so much that they will even throw the Bill of Rights out the window completely just to stick it to us. Word of advice: If the government offers you cash to quarter illegal aliens in your home—don’t take it!