Biden Desecrates US Flag Code To Push Leftist LGBTQ Agenda on Americans

Svetlana Foote /
Svetlana Foote /

A week before Father’s Day, President Biden wanted to make sure he let the LGBTQ community know they were on his mind. So, on June 11th, he gave them the center stage at the White House and also dropped a steaming deuce on the US Flag Code in the process. This brazen display of hatred for the US protocol as well as those who have been buried beneath that same flag.

Flying the “Progress Flag” (the LGBTQ rainbow flag with the pink and blue stripes of the transgender advocates’ flag) on the main and centered ballast with US flags on either side, he caused a massive violation of the US Flag Code. “The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of States or localities or pennants of societies are grouped and displayed from staffs.”

Both Joe and his with Jill were photographed celebrating and under the flag as if it was their design and idea. This push to make transgender kids a normal thing is not only disgusting, but it’s incredibly bothersome. Their ideology claims that the government is ultimately responsible for making the world accept them, and young adults claim they are another gender because life is hard. They believe that the societal and personal problems they are experiencing are the result of the way the Government is being run and discrimination in society.

In order to keep optics proper, they posted photos from the President’s social media accounts that only show the Progress Flag and talk about this being a nation of pride. Thus ignoring the transgender aspect of the flag as well as their obvious flaunting of the US Flag Code.

It also shows just how addicted to the idea of social agendas and securing the minority votes the President has become. Multiple surveys, polls, and studies have overwhelmingly shown that the majority of Americans simply don’t care about the transgender agenda. It’s not something that they care about.

Why don’t they care?

Simply put, conservatives know the transgender agenda as well as the LGBTQ platform as a whole is incredibly poisoned. They know what God says about it, and they know it’s not their agenda either. So, they just ignore it. It’s not their fight, so they don’t talk about it positively or negatively. Let them do what they do.

Yet, for them, this isn’t enough. They need to have special parades, activities, and holiday celebrations while they erase the conservative holidays like Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. For the most part, people have just gone along with it, and not raised a big stink about yet. Even then, it’s not enough for these organizations. We need to stand up, take notice, and feed their low self-esteem.

For President Biden, this is a crucial component in his liberal cabal and their goal to overtake the US by poisoning good Americans with the communist agenda. It makes life too easy for them to get their way and to ensure the American people blindly follow along and just bang the drum for their cause, no matter how sick it may be.

Watching a sitting president disgrace the White House as well as the American people this badly is disturbing. Even the best writers in American literature could not have imagined such a scenario. At every turn, he has weaponized various branches of the American government to work to his whims.

He’s used it to chase President Trump and to try and derail the 2024 Trump Train. He made the invasion of Ukraine, which wasn’t an issue under Trump despite it happening during Obama’s years as well, into his crusade to waste American assets and funding, as well as launder money. He has even undertaken the burden of being a father burying his son after service to his country, but won’t look out for Veterans beyond the burn pits that he claims killed his son.

President Biden isn’t for the LGBTQ community. He isn’t for the conservative community. He isn’t for anyone but the liberals who gather around him for Team Biden.