DeSantis Goes for Newsom’s Jugular with Video of San Francisco

The Old Major /
The Old Major /

If you know much about Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom, it’s likely that the two have quite the rivalry going on. But DeSantis may have just fired the killing shot.

It happened on Tuesday after Newsom attacked DeSantis again, saying he was a “weak candidate” and would never be able to beat Trump. He’s also been known to go after just about all of DeSantis’ policies as if they don’t work and claim that they are to blame for the state California is in.

To be true, DeSantis’ pro-American policies have put a huge damper on California in recent years. But it’s only because, in comparison, Newsom’s have been so devastating.

DeSantis made sure to point that out in his Tuesday video, which he filmed in Newsom’s backyard, so to speak.

He and his staff traveled to San Francisco, once the pride and joy of California, known for its vibrance, diversity, and eccentric style. Now, however, DeSantis showed all of that is gone.

“We’re here in the once-great city of San Francisco. We came in here, and we saw people defecating on the street. We saw people using heroin. We saw people smoking crack cocaine.” And then he laid all those problems at the feet of the progressive left and its leaders – leaders like Gavin Newsom.

“You look around, the city is not vibrant anymore. It’s really collapsed because of leftist policies, and these policies have caused these people to flee this area. They don’t prosecute criminals like they do in most parts of the country.”

He discussed several other problems with California, all of which can be solely blamed on where Governor Newsom has taken the state.

In comparison, DeSantis seems to enact policies that are nearly the exact opposite of Newsom. As a result, Florida is thriving. In fact, new people are always coming in, flocking to the freedoms and prosperity that have become the norm there.

And they’re coming from places like California.