Muslim Leader Torches MSNBC, Scolding Them for Their Religious Beliefs

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The leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) took a bite out of MSNBC following the abysmal treatment of Muslims for their beliefs on the network. MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan conducted an interview with author and activist Wajahat Ali concerning LGBTQ and Muslim beliefs’ sudden alignment with traditional conservative values.

After a long rant admonishing Muslims about their alignment with the right made by Hasan, Ali chimed in. He expressed that he fully supported the idea that being pro-conservative on any subject was ultimately anti-Muslim in the long run.

On June 22nd, CAIR deputy director Edward Ahmed Mitchell issued a response via Twitter.

“Instead of addressing the substance of the concerns that these families have raised about what’s happening in public schools, the likes of @mehdirhasan and @WajahatAli paint these parents as dupes being used by the political right. Other critics on the left have gone even further, accusing Muslim parents of deliberately allying with “white supremacists. This is ludicrous. So is implying that Muslims should not support a cause simply because rightwing activists or conservative Christians happen to support that same cause. It doesn’t matter who supports a cause. What matters is whether the cause itself is just.”

This mindset is something the liberal left just cannot get their mind wrapped around. People from differing religious or moral beliefs can come together and agree on the way to look at a situation or moral issue. It just so happens that Muslims don’t share the same liberal mindset on the topic of homosexuality that the left has. Nor does most of the US.

Walking around with the idea that everyone needs to see things the same is a horrible idea. As Mitchell ended things, “the mainstream of the Muslim American community will continue to independently stand up for what is right and against what is wrong, regardless of what the right or the left think.” This isn’t anything new for Muslims, and the left needs to stop acting like it is.