Biden’s Transgender Czar Says Children Will Commit Suicide if He Can’t Mutilate Them

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Joe Biden’s transgender czar, Dick Levine, put on his absurd female Navy costume the other day to declare that he wants the entire summer to now be a summer of Pride. Good grief! The transgenders already kicked Juneteenth to the curb and usurped it, as if their “movement” was more important than abolishing slavery. Now they want to take over the 4th of July as well. To hammer home the seriousness of his threat against America, Dick Levine says that your children will kill themselves if he is not allowed to tranny them up with permanent, devastating mutilation surgeries.

Dick Levine—who calls himself “Rachel” to rub his fetish in everyone’s faces—made the announcement during a televised appearance that the Washington Free Beacon uncovered. During the appearance, Dick intoned, “We often say that gender-affirming care is healthcare, gender-affirming care is mental healthcare, and gender-affirming care is literally suicide prevention care.”

Is it LITERALLY, Dick?

Children will kill themselves if you’re not allowed to chop healthy sex organs off of them and pump them full of experimental drugs that are used to chemically castrate pedophiles and sex offenders?

This is the same disgusting form of emotional blackmail that social justice pediatricians and doctors are now using against children who have been confused about their gender by their teachers at school. Many people who have now detransitioned in adulthood because they changed their minds, say that their parents were told they’d commit suicide if they don’t “affirm” their child through permanent surgery and puberty blockers.

The state of California is close to passing a bill that would take children away from their parents if they don’t “affirm” their confusion. This is the evilest ideology that America has ever faced. Not that Dick Levine will ever admit it. Here’s the “Admiral” in his Navy costume talking about why he needs to be able to trans all the kids.