Five Months After the Derailment, Joe Biden Still Hasn’t Helped East Palestine

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The Governor of Ohio has sent a major disaster declaration request to the Biden administration over the toxic train derailment that happened in East Palestine in February. It’s been five months, yet Team Biden has still failed to provide any help for the small town where the water and air were poisoned in a massive chemical spill.

East Palestine is right on the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s a place that could easily be referred to as “MAGA country.” President Trump won more than 70% of the vote in East Palestine in the stolen 2020 election. Since they are mostly a community of Trump supporters, Joe Biden and his regime hate the little town. They really do. How else would you characterize it, knowing that it’s been five months and the White House has still done nothing to help?

Governor Mike DeWine sent the request to Biden because assistance from FEMA is set to expire on Monday. FEMA has refused to grant an extension on helping with the cleanup, presumably on Joe Biden’s orders. It’s unclear whether Norfolk Southern, the railroad company that caused the derailment through its own negligence, will be helping the community or simply filing for bankruptcy to bail on the town.

DeWine wrote, “The possibility remains that the voluntary support provided by Norfolk Southern could at some point in the future cease, and this Declaration is needed to ensure that the State and Federal government use all resources available to step in and provide the community with needed assistance.”

The NTSB has determined that the wheels fell off one of the Norfolk Southern rail cars on February 3rd, right as the train was passing through the little town. The toxic chemical spill immediately started making people sick. Residents posted videos of all of their chickens dying. A local creek was suddenly filled with dead fish and frogs floating in it, because the groundwater was poisoned. Many residents could not go outside their homes without the air burning their lungs and skin.

As you’ve probably noticed, fixing things and helping people are not exactly the Biden regime’s strong suit. They’ll do bumps of cocaine on the balcony during Fourth of July fireworks, but actually improving the lives of the American people is not something that Team Biden is interested in.

Look at the baby formula shortage, for example. That crisis started about 18 months ago. The crisis was caused by a combination of Biden’s FDA shutting down the main baby formula plant in the country right as babies were starting to reject their mothers’ milk because of the COVID vaccines (good luck getting the media to ever report that). There was a plummeting supply of formula with skyrocketing demand, and they haven’t done a thing to fix the problem yet.

You’d think that being able to feed all the babies in America—which is sort of a hallmark of a First World country—would be more of a priority. But no. Biden imported some formula from Mexico and the UK in an act of international humiliation and then forgot about it. He’s doing the same thing with East Palestine.

After President Trump brought supplies and hope to East Palestine a few months ago, making Biden look like an incompetent fool, Biden ordered Pete Buttigieg to pay the town a visit. Buttigieg snuck into town early one morning and left before lunchtime.

Wow. Pete Buttigieg. Thanks, Joe Biden.

If you doubt for one second that the Biden regime hates the very people it is supposed to be leading, look no further than East Palestine. It’s been five months, and they’ve still done nothing to help the people there.