Illinois to Force Landlords to Rent and Sell Property to Illegal Aliens

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Illinois has officially entered the “California death spiral” when it comes to housing and illegal aliens. A new law set to take effect will force landlords to rent or sell their property to illegal aliens.

Even though these people are clearly deportable under black-letter immigration law, they will soon be a new protected class that is more powerful than the Americans who have to bear the brunt of reckless government officials allowing them into the country in the first place.

In June, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed SB 1817 into law. The new law makes “immigration status” a protected caste under the Illinois Human Rights Act. State Sen. Ann Gillespie (D) says the new protected status of deportable criminals will “promote fairness to ensure people are not unjustly denied housing.”

The flawed logic in that statement is that whenever an illegal alien rents or buys an American housing unit, it unjustly denies another American housing, on a one-to-one basis.

Every home or apartment that a landlord is forced to rent to a foreign invader directly an American family desperately looking for a place to live. That’s not “fairness” by any metric.

The median rent price in Chicago this week is $1,900 a month—up $150 a month from last year. That puts housing out of reach for many lower- and middle-class American families.

Tightening the housing market up even further by forcing landlords to rent to foreigners doesn’t help the situation at all. It’s just a further sign that the people in charge of this country hate Americans and want to replace us with foreign criminals.

As Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) noted earlier this year, “Think about what this does for housing prices when you have to house 10 million people that shouldn’t be here, that drives up the costs of housing when interest rates are already through the roof.”


The Democrat Party is waging war against the American people—and so long as Republicans in Congress are never willing to play hardball, we’re going to lose this war.