Even the NYT Are Admitting the Liberals Are the Bad Guys

Osugi / shutterstock.com
Osugi / shutterstock.com

It’s only August, and it’s clear that 2023 has had a very broad spectrum of strange events happening, and nobody can easily explain them. Now, even the New York Times (NYT) is having to take a good look in the mirror to realize that they are the bad guys and the ones destroying a nation.

In an op-ed piece by NYT writer and self-professed “never Trump’r” David Brooks explains how those who share his ideology believe they are the elites in the situation. They think they stand for progress and change. They think those who support Trump are bigoted individuals who only react when absolutely necessary, as well as authoritarians. His decision to request his readers reconsider that and instead consider that it was they who were the evil ones was a bomb I doubt many of his faithful expected.

As he explains, the change really started about 50 years ago. Back when “high school grads had to go off to fight in Vietnam, but the children of the educated class got college deferments. It continues in the 1970s when the authorities imposed busing on working-class areas in Boston, but not on the upscale communities like Wellesley where they themselves lived.”

Continuing, he explains how when he began his career in a newsroom, it was all these older working-age guys. He described the embodiment of the reporters always portrayed in movies who were at their peaks in the 50s. Now it’s all a college-dominated profession, with a strong preference being given to those from elite colleges.

If you ask anyone who doesn’t have that background, it’s near impossible to get a chance as a writer or photographer without that elite-college connection. No matter how good your portfolio is.

“Like all elites, we use language and mores as tools to recognize one another and exclude others. Using words like problematic, cisgender, Latinx and intersectional is a sure sign that you’ve got cultural capital coming out of your ears. Meanwhile, members of the less-educated classes have to walk on eggshells because they never know when we’ve changed the usage rules, so that something that was sayable five years ago now gets you fired.”

This has been the killer for so many, but something far too many liberals overlook for their own devices. He doesn’t believe it makes them inherently “evil” or “bad,” rather they just went too far left and now make the uneducated flock to Trump.

“Trump understood that it’s not the entrepreneurs who seem most threatening to workers; it’s the professional class. Trump understood that there was a great demand for a leader who would stick his thumb in our eyes on a daily basis and reject the whole epistemic regime that we rode in on.”

A tongue-in-cheek way of blaming themselves for making people support Trump, he also fails to understand the differences in education. The number of people who have degrees but are uneducated is incredible. His inability to distinguish between the value of a hands-on knowledge base and not just a traditional collegiate piece of paper is ridiculous. That’s not to mention his total avoidance of the number of liberal elites who have had mommy or daddy donate things for their children to achieve in school.

The fact of the matter is that their worst tendencies are some of the ones they display the most commonly and in the open. Yet they downplay them and try to shift blind blame to the right for the same actions. This is the sign of a guilty people.

Brooks knows exactly what the liberals are. The epitome of gatekeeping, racist, and hateful people. If you aren’t doing everything their way, they will try to destroy you in one way or another. They aren’t the party of the peace, the people, or even something positive. Instead, they are the party of hatred, division, and suffering. How pathetic.