Elon Musk Calls Bill Gates an ‘A**hole to the Core’


It’s no secret that billionaire Elon Musk has no qualms about taking on the biggest and baddest out there. His latest rivalry seems to be fellow billionaire and ‘world’s richest man,’ Bill Gates.

And apparently, things have gotten quite heated between the two lately.

It all began when Musk found out that Gates was “holding a short bet against Tesla,” Musk’s electric vehicle company, as reported by CNN Business based on a new biography written by Walter Isaacson.

Naturally, Musk wasn’t too thrilled about it for personal reasons. But he also found the move highly hypocritical. After all, Bill Gates is one of the foremost pushers and advocates for climate change and the need to change our lifestyles to support the planet better.

You’d think that would include supporting companies like Tesla, who have been hugely instrumental in offering an alternative to the evil fossil fuel-powered cars most of us drive.

As CNN reported, “Musk told Isaacson he felt Gates was hypocritical to fight against climate change while trying to make money on the failure of a sustainable energy car company.”

Musk also began texting Gates about his supposed short betting, a move seen as quite hostile in the business world.

When Gates admitted that he was actually betting against Tesla, Musk texted him, “Sorry… I cannot take your philanthropy on climate seriously.”

He also added posts like this to his X account:

Gates then tried to say Musk didn’t do enough charitable giving and even tried to get him to donate to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds climate change efforts worldwide.

It was at this time that Musk wrote to Isaacson, “At this point, I am convinced he is categorically insane (and an a–hole to the core).”

And based on all that Gates is trying to accomplish, both in concerns to the climate and personal liberties, I’m tempted to agree.

What do you think?