$20K in Stolen Valuables Made Worthless by This Detail

Adisa / shutterstock.com
Adisa / shutterstock.com

Thanks to the political left, there are a lot fewer “criminals” out there today. However, there are a lot more fools.

Case and point was made in August when a band of three men decided to break into and rob a designer clothing and footwear shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.

According to KOLN-TV and police reports, the men first tried to pull the doors off the building with a vehicle. But this failed. And so they finally resorted to smashing in some windows and trying to squeeze through the installed security bars.

And yes, the whole thing was caught on camera.

They clearly did eventually make it into the store and also successfully stole what should have been around $20,000 in designer shoes.

Sounds like a good night, huh?

Well, the only problem is that they only stole left-footed shoes…

Yep, that’s how foolish these guys are.

If you haven’t noticed, many shoe shops, especially ones offering more “designer” like options, don’t have full sets on the floor. Instead, it’s usually just the left ones out for you to see, touch, and try on. To get a full set, you have to talk to an employee, who will go to the back and get you a full pair in the size of your choosing.

These guys clearly had no idea.

Imagine trying to resell all these just-left shoes now… How many takers do you think they’ll get?

Of course, the problem is not necessarily that these idiots aren’t smart enough to 1) make it into the building easily or 2) steal merchandise actually worth something. It’s that they dared to try any of it at all.

But thanks to the policies leftist politicians and law enforcement officials keep putting into place, there’s much more of this going on out there. I mean, New York has actually said that theft is no longer a crime.

And apparently, most of these “not criminals” are a bit daft.