Loudoun County Students Have Had Enough Boys in the Girls Locker Room

oneinchpunch / shutterstock.com
oneinchpunch / shutterstock.com

Loudoun County, Virginia high school students have had enough of their parent’s leftist beliefs reflecting on their school and fellow students. On November 1st, they set down their pencils and picked up their placards to protest their school board and policy 8040. Under this policy, the district committed to “providing an equitable, safe, and inclusive learning environment for all students regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity or gender expression.”

While that sounds nice on the surface, the policy goes significantly further than that. It also takes a vow to ensure the gender identity of a child will be shielded from a parent if the child wishes. It also gives boys their blessing to compete in female sports, as well as provides them full access to the girls’ locker room and bathroom.

Singing the national anthem as they walked, the students marched out at 11:56 a.m. For students at Loudoun County, this is familiar territory. Back in 2021, they staged a similar protest after a so-called “gender-fluid” student inappropriately touched a female student, only for the district to do nothing about it.

Even worse, during this prior incident, school officials did not tell the parents what happened, all they would say was that she was “beaten up.” The truth of the matter was, that a male wearing a skirt sexually assaulted the girl in a school bathroom. When the school board and administrators refused to admit it, her father went off on the board. With officers on the scene, the father was arrested for disorderly conduct, only to have the Governor (rightfully) give him a full pardon for speaking out for his kid.

Lately, these kinds of liberals have been infiltrating our school system, and they have been poisoning the one place where students are supposed to feel safe. While this means accepting other cultures and ways of life, it does not come at the expense of students giving up their freedoms and security. It does not come at the expense of cutting a parent out of crucial information that could signify massive trauma in their child’s life- like suddenly thinking they aren’t Jeff, but rather Jennifer and trying to trade in their jeans for a mini skirt.

Kudos to these brave kids, and shame on the damn school board. Their ignorance is being paid for with the innocence of these kids.