MTG Says Voters are “Sick and Tired” of GOP

Philip Yabut /
Philip Yabut /

By now, I’m sure you know that Georgia Republican and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t afraid of ruffling a few feathers. This time, though, she’s taking aim at her own party members.


Well, according to her, they aren’t doing enough. They aren’t bold enough. And they aren’t doing their jobs.

She said as much on Friday while speaking with CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raji. And what’s more, she claimed that she isn’t the only one fed up with her colleagues.

“Republican voters across the country are sick and tired of Republicans because they never do anything to hold this government accountable,” MTG said.

The fiery congresswoman noted that, like most politicians, Republicans have gotten very good at saying all the right things, particularly when they’re on the campaign trail or speaking on TV, social media, etc., but when it comes down to actual action and getting the job done, most completely fail.

“I feel like many of the American people that think that Republicans in Congress completely fail them. I feel the same way, and I’m a Republican member of Congress.”

Essentially, the message here is that if Republicans want to actually gain the respect, not to mention votes, of America, they are going to have to really step it up.

Naturally, what she means by this is that the GOP needs to 1) stand their ground and 2) make sure the government, in all facets, is held responsible for their actions and words.

Most recently, she believes her colleagues should have stepped up and voted to censor Democrat Michigander Rashida Tlaib, who has come down on the side of Hamas and terrorism following the tragic attacks on Israel in October. Tlaib, a self-proclaimed Palestinian, has been pushing to wipe out Israel for years. But now, her extremism on the matter has gotten out of hand.

Therefore, MTG proposed a measure Thursday to have Tlaib censored, or at the very least, her thoughts on the Israel/Hamas conflict condemned.

However, it didn’t go through, with more than a few conservatives siding with Democrats in Tlaib’s favor. According to these individuals, Tlaib was just expressing her right to free speech.

As MTG said in a lengthy X thread, “Our country is in the worst crisis in its history in every category and the Democrats are full-blown communists and Republicans can’t even censure Rashida Tlaib.”

To her, it’s one more instance where the GOP has shown themselves inadequate to do what is needed.

“Conservatives on this list hide behind excuses with their white wigs on and quote the constitution.” But nothing is actually done.

As she further explained, it is just such inaction that has led a great many to lose faith in not only our government but the Republican Party as a whole.

And she’s not exactly wrong.

I mean, how do you think we ended up with a swamp in our nation’s capital to begin with? Sure, the Democrats have become a corrupt and sinister group. But if the Republicans were actually determined to do their jobs, to fight for the constitution at all costs and give the people a real voice, they wouldn’t have managed even a toe hold, let alone a firm grasp.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the GOP as a whole should be damned. But as Trump is prone to saying, there needs to be a serious “draining of the swamp,” which most certainly includes Republican politicians who aren’t doing their job.

And then, we need to get leaders and congressional members in there with a bit more gumption and resolve.

MTG might not be a favorite for many. But at least she’s trying to get stuff done…