Streisand Suddenly Campaigning for Trump 2024

ron adar /
ron adar /

When former President Donald Trump officially announced he would be running for the 2024 presidential election, the support started rolling in. Along with the usual politicians, he once again took early support from Jon Voight, Kevin Sorbo, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent, among countless other celebs. While politically unnecessary, their support can lead swing voters to open their minds to Trump 2024.

Yet nothing prepared campaigners or even Donald himself for the kind of endorsement he got from Barbra Streisand.

Appearing on The Late Show, host Steven Colbert asked Streisand about the idea of President Trump running for President in 2024. “I will move. I can’t live in this country if he became president,” she vowed.

Re-read that.

If Trump wins, we get to watch a member of the liberal royal court leave the country. Given her open endorsement of Hillary and Bill Clinton as the perfect couple in the new book she was slinging on Colbert, we know how close she is to them. This isn’t someone sane of mind or someone we should even want in the US.

Getting an endorsement in this way is incredibly difficult, but when it happens, it is a Godsend for the candidate, and Trump is no different. Having Barbara step up and announce that she would be willing to depart the US if Trump wins is a sign. A sign that the great 2016 protest of whining celebrities is back!! This kind of protest always gets the midline voters to come out of the woodwork.

The more they protest and claim they are going to leave if Trump wins, the more their “it’s all rigged anyways” fans turn out to vote “just in case.” In the weeks before the election, they brag about their anti-Trump stance to anyone unlucky enough to be around them. This inspires other “it’s all rigged anyways” voters to come out and vote FOR Trump. To them, it was a good idea to cancel out her ani-Trump vote “just in case.”

So thanks, Barbara. For that ringing endorsement for the Trump train and for “Memory.” Both always evoke a small tear when you do it.