Obama Snubs Biden Again

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

You’d think, with an incumbent and supposedly good Democratic president up for reelection, his former boss and the man who essentially got him that seat would be one of the most vocal about supporting him. And yet, former President Barack Obama just snubbed Biden… again.

It happened earlier this month during a lavishly planned event in Chicago to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Obama being elected to the presidency in 2008. As such, it was basically a not-so-humble affair for Democrats everywhere.

Now, it’s understandable to see why the current president and Obama’s once right-hand, Joe Biden, wasn’t present. After all, he’s supposedly got a job to do in Washington that keeps him very busy.

But I digress…

However, it is a little odd that Biden wasn’t even really mentioned at the party – at all.

In fact, as more than a few attendees noted to the Washington Post, there was a “pointed absence of any meaningful cheerleading for Biden.” As the outlet reported, Biden was only “barely mentioned” in Obama’s speech. Neither did Obama give much in the way of praise for the incumbent during a podcast interview earlier in the day.

As far as the party itself goes, one could easily claim that Obama was being smart about it. After all, it was hosted by the Obama Foundation, a nonprofit that is legally prohibited from engaging in “partisan political activity.”

But to barely even mention your once vice president and a man you held on a pedestal for the world to see? In fact, this is basically the man that Obama trusted his legacy with, as Biden put many of Obama’s or at least Obama-like policies back into play when he kicked Trump out in 2021.

The question is, why? Especially at such a time as this, when the political left has to see the challenge Donald Trump poses for Biden.

They have to know that Biden is at risk of losing it all. They have to see that Trump is only gaining popularity while Biden is losing it. And if Trump is as “dangerous” as they say, now would be the time for “all hands on deck” and for those like Obama and others to be singing Biden’s praises and throwing his name around everywhere.

And yet, for the most part, Obama is silent.

To be clear, the Obama camp has done a pretty good job thus far at squashing any anti-Biden chatter. But he’s not doing any favors for Team Biden in promotion, that’s for sure.

The main reason is likely just what you’d expect: Biden is a losing horse, and Obama wants nothing to do with him.

As I mentioned, Biden is doing badly on just about every front imaginable. He is losing in the polls, he’s losing in job approval, and he’s losing just about every policy he’s put forward. And everyone knows it.

So naturally, Obama doesn’t want his good name (if such a thing can be said) or legacy to be further ruined by aligning himself with such toxicity.

And who could blame him?

For Biden, it’s just one more piece of bad news. This one just feels worse than getting bad poll numbers…