Two Years Later and Biden Wasted $7.5 Billion on ZERO EV Chargers

SashkaB / shutterstock.cpm
SashkaB / shutterstock.cpm

President Joe Biden is an expert at wasting money provided by the American people. While he and his son Hunter are well versed in selling out his positions to foreign interests, he turns around and uses these tactics to get contracts for those interests. One of those interests has been in electric vehicles (EVs).

Now according to Politico, he has wasted $7.5 billion he begged Congress for.

“Congress at the urging of the Biden administration agreed in 2021 to spend $7.5 billion to build tens of thousands of electric vehicle chargers across the country, aiming to appease anxious drivers while tackling climate change. Two years later, the program has yet to install a single charger,” the publication wrote.

Allocated as a part of his landmark failure of a 2021 legislation that he still brags about as if it hit all its marks. Designed to pave the road for EVs to dominate the roadways and to turn the entire nation green, he claimed that he had heard the problems people listed with EVs. Despite not understanding the objections of the average American, he went forth to try and make the American landscape green.

Well, much like you can’t make green from red, white, and blue, you can’t force a policy on the American people who are unwilling to budge. Especially when you don’t follow through with your solutions. With roughly 102,000 chargers across the US, we are well short of the 500,000 Biden has pledged to have up and going by 2030. Mind you, that will still come up short of the 1.2 million the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says we’ll need by 2030.

Never mind that even if Biden had done what he said he was going to, he would still be facing a group of Americans who don’t trust EVs. From the earth-destroying manner of mining lithium, to the explosive results of these batteries, to the cost; Americans simply cannot and will not make the jump to EVs.

Fix those problems and maybe we’ll talk. Send a smoke signal when you’re ready.