Abbott Signs Bill Allowing Cops to Arrest Illegals

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National borders and security measures keep us all safe. It is why houses have locking doors, yards have fences, etc., and yet, for the Biden administration, there seems to be some sort of disconnect.

Thankfully, Texas Governor Greg Abbott knows the meaning of border safety and security. And he’s just signed over three new laws proving it.

As the Texas Tribune reported on Monday, the most controversial of the bills, Senate Bill 4, is set to take place in early March. Most notably, the new law makes it a state, as opposed to a federal, crime to unlawfully enter Texas.

As such, it also gives local and state law enforcement agencies the authority to arrest undocumented immigrants for breaking this law. Additionally, it empowers state magistrate judges to hand out expulsion or deportation orders.

Yes, illegally entering Texas has always been a crime. But up until March, it has always been a federal one, dealt with by only federal agencies such as ICE. Clearly, it’s not being handled well, hence the massive flood of migrants that has barely even slowed since Biden first gave the worldwide invitation to “come” to the US and make a new life for themselves.

Unfortunately, it was also a call for crime to rise, drug smuggling to flourish, and child slavery rings to pop up everywhere.

And no, Biden’s federal agencies have done little to do nothing to stop it.

So Abbott is taking matters into his own hands and making illegal immigration a state issue now.

Naturally, the Biden White House, as well as more than a few Democrats and leftist agencies, aren’t in favor of the new law, threatening to take the matter to court.

But what else is Texas supposed to do? They are literally being overrun by crime and illegal activity, and nothing is being done about it.

This new law, as well as the other two signed into law on Monday, is at least a step in the right direction. And proof that Abbott actually cares about his citizens, unlike Biden.