Biden to Start Handing Out Photo IDs to Illegal Aliens in 2024

Mohamed Fadly /
Mohamed Fadly /

In his latest effort to destroy the political entity of the United States of America, Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is set to begin handing out federal IDs to illegal aliens this year. It’s pretty clear at this point that the federal government will be encouraging the horde of illegal invaders to illegally register to vote and cast ballots for Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

The plan to issue ID cards to the invaders is buried inside Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) annual report. It’s called the Secure Docket Card (SDC). Illegal aliens will be given an official government ID that is linked to all of the documents they provide upon their illegal entry. Which is kind of absurd, because the Biden regime is allowing illegal aliens to use their arrest warrants as valid forms of ID to get into the US.

The ICE annual report states, “ICE expects the project to ease ICE personnel workload when encountering noncitizens with the card and decrease the burden on noncitizens when interacting with ICE.”

We shouldn’t get our hopes up that ICE will be deporting anyone who is caught without a federal ID card. The real danger, however, is to the integrity of our elections because of this program.

There are 36 states which require an official government ID card to vote. For most Americans, that’s our driver’s licenses. The law in most of the voter ID states simply says the ID has to be some sort of ID card from the state or federal government. When the laws were written, the states never anticipated that the federal government would try to destroy the country by providing the means to vote illegally to millions of foreigners.

That’s what’s coming in the 2024 election if Congress doesn’t step in and defund this program immediately.