Massachusetts Wants Homeowners To House Illegals

For years now, The Bay State has been living under the self-righteous “right to housing” rules for the homeless in Massachusetts. Designed as a way to tell people that the state is too expensive and too stuck up to look at the homeless, now they are filling it with “asylum seekers.” Much like North Korea, their way to address the problem is to hide it away from plain sight. Adding in the multiple cities and counties that have designated themselves “sanctuary cities,” you have a recipe to draw in all the illegals.

With a massive crisis in front of the state, Democratic Governor Maura Healey has decided that the answer to the state’s problem is to make it into a problem for the residents of MA. Claiming over 5,600 families are in shelters and over 20,000 individuals, she claims they have a tremendous problem on their hands. Given the high number of children and pregnant women, she believes residents can solve the problems with their spare rooms.

In the five months that have followed since that August declaration, multiple groups and organizations have been working to increase the options for these illegals. So far, the state has 1,400 families housed across 40 hotels in 28 municipalities across the state, and they have been staying in these locals for an average of 14 months each. The MA taxpayer has been funding every dime of their existence as well. Food, housing, and entertainment are all on them. Some who can get papers to work just have that as income to send “home.”

Through their own doing, the state is required by law to pay for shelter and housing for homeless families. Even before the illegals started being bussed there, they had far more clients than properties available. Comparatively, NYC has a right to emergency shelter, and California has a law requiring runaway teens to be housed, no matter the wishes of the parents.

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr is tired of seeing MA make these horrific and costly mistakes. “Joe Biden et al. have turned what was a decent, if woke neighborhood, into a Bidenville. The illegals are up all night, driving their unregistered scooters everywhere. Needles litter the gutters. The illegals are harassing young American girls and ‘verbally abusing’ adults.” With the influx of illegals, he also raises the question, “Can the residents of, say, Dover or Weston choose between an MS-13 gangbanger and a member of Los Trinitarios?”

While a sarcastic-sounding question, it has some legitimate basis.

The groups running these relocation programs have little to no information about the illegals they are moving. An estimated 75% of the information they provide is fabricated lies. There is no guarantee that someone isn’t a shot-caller or killer for a gang in Guatemala, Mexico, or El Salvador, for example. Vetting any of their allegations is incredibly difficult at best and most often downright impossible.

With many military-aged males arriving, re-connecting with their old gangs is not only common, but they also plan for it to happen extensively. Housing these criminals as they settle in and get established only helps to embolden their efforts to commit crimes here in the US.

District Attorneys in MA have happily followed the lead of their counterparts in NYC, giving cashless bail for most crimes short of murder. With the recent influx of illegals, they have been turning our court system into a revolving door of in-and-out criminals.

Housing these illegals isn’t something the mayor of Massachusetts or any elected official should be asking of us. This isn’t the Jews or the French escaping persecution during WWII. As a nation, we bear no responsibility for their decisions to allow their government to become so corrupted and destroyed. As a nation, we have tried to help them rebuild, and they don’t want our help, just a handout.

If MA wants to house the illegals and turn their state into a soup kitchen, that’s on their leaders. Let those who want to give make donations to charities who want to open housing for illegals, the rest of the state can simply opt-out.