Biden Fantasizes Once Again About Murdering Americans Who Disagree with Him

Perry McLeod /
Perry McLeod /

Joe Biden started musing about the wholesale slaughter of Americans who disagree with his political policies once again. It happened Friday at the Conference of Mayors in Washington, DC. Biden was giving a rambling speech about how he wants to ban all semiautomatic firearms and confiscate guns from white people. Since he can’t help himself, Biden once again reiterated how much he would love to murder large numbers of Americans for the “crime” of disagreeing with his unconstitutional policies.

During his speech, in which Biden frequently wrestled with his teleprompter, he repeated the same stupid “joke” that he always uses about killing Americans who disagree with him:

“You’ve heard, ‘The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots?’ Guess what, man? I didn’t see a whole lot of patriots out there walking around making sure that we have these weapons. If you really want to worry about the government, you need an F-16. You don’t need an AR-15.”

All the communist mayors in the room laughed because having the government kill your political opponents is SO FUNNY.

This is far from the first time that Joe Biden has wished for the ability to just kill every American who supports Donald Trump or general conservative principles. He’s used the dumb F-16 analogy before, which doesn’t even make sense. He also wished a “winter of severe illness and death” on anyone who defied his vaccine mandates in 2021.

“I’m still committed to banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden said during his speech. “When we passed the Second Amendment, guess what? You weren’t allowed to have a cannon.”

That’s a total lie. Only someone who is literally retarded or incapable of reading a history book (or Wikipedia, for that matter) believes stuff like this.

The Founding Fathers absolutely knew about firearms that the Democrat Party would consider “assault weapons.” The puckle gun, one of the first machine guns that was designed for private ship owners to fight off Islamic Barbary pirates, was patented in 1722, almost 70 years before the Second Amendment was ratified.

Thomas Jefferson owned two Italian-designed Girandoni rifles. These were .46-caliber semiautomatic rifles with 22-round magazines. They each came with four spare mags, for a total of 110 shots. Jefferson loaned one of these “assault rifles” to the Lewis and Clark expedition for its journey across the country and back.

The Founding Fathers knew about machine guns and semiautomatic weapons, and they even owned them as private citizens. It’s absurd to claim that they wouldn’t have wanted civilians to have the same armaments as the military since the whole purpose of the Second Amendment is for patriotic Americans to remove tyrants like the unelected Joe Biden from office when necessary.

You really have to wonder why Joe Biden is constantly talking about unleashing the power of the US military on American civilians. What’s going on in this guy’s sick and twisted head?

No Republican or Democrat president in history has ever openly mused about killing Americans. Then again, Joe Biden is not a “president” because you have to be legitimately elected to be one of those. Perhaps he is insecure due to the fact that he knows the 2020 election was stolen and he is not a legitimate leader of this country. Even his swearing-in ceremony in January of 2021 was done behind razor wire fencing and 20,000 armed soldiers—like the Generalissimo in some banana republic after a fake and stolen election takes place.

Like all banana republic leaders, Joe Biden doesn’t seem very fond of people who disagree with him.