Abbott Sets the Record Straight on SCOTUS Border Wire Ruling

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It’s obvious the United States is in the middle of a major border/national security/immigration crisis. It’s also obvious that there’s really just one solution that works better than all others: putting up barriers to prevent more illegal migrants from making their way into the country.

Of course, we also know that Democratic President Joe Biden and his administration are very much against this. Why? Well, that’s another matter entirely.

What’s most important right now is that we begin to actually protect our borders, in particular our southern one with Mexico, as it is the most regularly violated.

Texas, as the state with the largest border connection, has been trying to do just that for a while. And thanks to conservative Governor Greg Abbott, much has been done in that effort.

One such idea has been to install concertina wire (aka razor wire) along parts of the Rio Grande to deter illegals from crossing the river and illegally entering the US.

Naturally, the Biden administration doesn’t like this move. In fact, they claim it’s inhumane and causes more harm than good. As a result, Biden’s Border Patrol agents have been blatantly cutting the wire and even helping illegals to cross over it.

So we essentially have a battle on our hands over the whole ordeal, or at least a very serious court case – and one that just made its way to the Supreme Court.

But there are a few things about the case Abbott and his state would like to point out.

If you haven’t heard about the most recent SCOTUS ruling for the case, it’s regarding an injunction applied in October to Border Patrol being allowed to cut the wire.

Texas asked for an injunction that basically said that while the case was in process, the Border Patrol should not be allowed to continue cutting the wire the states had already put up. On December 19, the Supreme Court ruled to vacate the injunction.

So, according to federal law, the Border Patrol can now resume cutting razor wire. Or at least until the Appeals Court says otherwise.

As Abbott recently pointed out. The SCOTUS ruling 1) does not forbid Texas from putting up razor wire, and 2) will only stay in effect until the case, which is still being processed by the 5th Circuit Court, makes a final decision.

According to Abbott and his state, “This is not over.”

He added, “Texas’ razor wire is an effective deterrent to the illegal crossings Biden encourages. I will continue to defend Texas’ constitutional authority to secure the border and prevent the Biden Admin from destroying our property.”

Of course, he’s right. and he’s also not the only one to think so.

As Texas Department of Public Safety representative Lt. Chris Olivarez wrote, the ruling will do nothing to deter “Texas’ ability to protect its border.”

And as conservative commentator Jack Posobiec stated, this ruling is completely separate from the case on whether Biden agents cutting the wire is actually illegal or not.

“There is still a chance Texas wins.”

We hope they do.