DEI Is Now Crippling the FBI

Andrzej Rostek /
Andrzej Rostek /

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) measures have been a movement for the liberals for years now. They’ve slowly been worked into the federal government, and now a report given to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees shows it has crossed into the FBI. Now being so heavily prioritized due to slumping recruitments, the DEI steps have overshadowed the need for waivers. Things that would previously keep them out, like physical fitness, drugs, finances, mental health, experience, and integrity issues.

In the report, 20 different sources and sub-sources with first-hand and very credible information provided the data for the report. This has led to agents being promoted at a rapid rate and into positions that they simply don’t measure up for just because the DEI initiatives give them a leg up. One candidate was 50 lbs. above her maximum body weight, but due to being a black female, the FBI HQ ordered them to keep evaluating her. Even after she told them that she despised being active and refused to work out.

Sources who worked hands-on with New Agent Trainees (NATs) saw numerous incidents of agents who failed the basic concepts of written English. Communication skills that suffer to the degree he reported would usually be considered candidates for retraining or being removed from the FBI altogether. Yet here, DEI-supported candidates were being passed along to make their self-imposed quotas.

According to the report, “FBI Special Agent DEI hires are selected over other FBI Special Agent candidates who are more qualified based on criteria unrelated to DEI priorities. FBI Special Agent Assessors who are responsible for evaluating FBI Special Agent candidates are themselves selected based on their propensity to prioritize diversity and inclusion over the qualifications of the applicants… Despite these findings from highly credible and reliable Sources and Sub-sources with direct access and first-hand knowledge, FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly continues to assert within FBI circles that FBI recruitment for Special Agents is ‘going extremely well.’”

In light of these findings, current and past FBI agents have pushed for the Judiciary Committee and Oversight Committee to conduct a 90-day audit. As well as forming new partnerships with outside agencies to get necessary changes installed, plus a comprehensive review of records over the last 20 years. The icing on top comes from the recommendation that lawmakers and the FBI hold public hearings on the subject, complete with testimony from the FBI director as well as other senior officials.

Responding to the allegations, FBI officials provided a statement to the Daily Caller.

“The FBI continues to maintain the very highest standards in selection and hiring. Any notion that standards have been lowered is both inaccurate and an affront to the talented and patriotic men and women who dedicate their lives to serving others. Random and anonymous allegations devoid of any supporting data or other evidence cannot change the facts: the FBI continues to recruit the best and brightest candidates from all walks of life, and year after year, only a small percentage of applicants ultimately make it through our difficult process to become a special agent.”

Adding on to the statement, the FBI claimed they have maintained the high standards they are known for. With an average age of 31 for new agents, they feel that the life experience they bring makes up for any noted shortfalls. With 20-30% of each class having military or law enforcement experience and 40% of new agents coming with degrees, they believe that they all meet the highest of standards.

Just looking at stock news footage since 2013 when the FBI’s DEI office was opened separate from their equal employment office, you can see the changes. Out-of-shape, poorly spoken, sloppily dressed, and ill-informed agents are everywhere. Now that DEI has already crippled the military, we have to hope the FBI can get right before it destroys them too.