Guess What? Biden Had Classified Documents, But It’s All Good, Says Justice System. Sleep Tight, America

Pablo Caridad /
Pablo Caridad /

Is anyone surprised that Special Counsel Robert Hur has completed his investigation into Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents and has opted not to pursue criminal charges?

According to Hur’s special counsel report, Joe Biden knowingly retained classified documents about U.S. foreign policy in Afghanistan as well as handwritten notebook entries detailing sensitive national security issues. Even so, Hur has determined that the criminal prosecution of President Biden is not currently justified since he held these documents as a private citizen after he resigned as vice president. “We have determined that there is no basis for criminal charges in this matter,” stated Hur in the executive summary.

Hur’s investigation revealed that FBI agents recovered the materials from Joe Biden’s estate in Wilmington, Delaware. Hur justified his decision not to prosecute President Biden by citing DOJ policy regarding the prosecution of a sitting president. The classified materials cover President Biden’s extensive career in the Senate and his vice presidency under former President Obama. Notably, during the Obama administration, Biden opposed the surge of U.S. troops into Afghanistan and retained classified materials documenting his stance on the issue. Biden’s notes from his time in the Obama administration often included information from daily briefings and National Security Council meetings. Biden’s notebooks were found in unauthorized locations on his Delaware and Virginia estates.

According to Hur’s team, “Promise Me Dad,” a book based in part on Biden’s notebooks, does not contain any classified information. It seems apparent that someone other than Biden had access to sensitive material and read through his notes for the book, yet Hur does not seem concerned.

Meanwhile, President Biden expressed satisfaction with the conclusion of the investigation, stating that he had cooperated fully and without obstruction, and he was pleased that the Special Counsel’s inquiry had resulted in the closure of this matter.

Alternatively, the DOJ is prosecuting former President Donald Trump for handling classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Trump faces 40 criminal charges stemming from an investigation by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Trump maintains his innocence and has criticized what he perceives as a double standard in the justice system.