Illegal Aliens in NYC Receiving DOUBLE the Benefits of American Veterans

The mass invasion of America by foreign hordes gets more insulting by the day as our leaders roll out the red carpet for people who break our laws. In New York City and other locations run by Democrats, illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be in our country are receiving more in cash benefits and welfare than any American would be eligible for. In fact, New York City’s new budget allocates more money for illegal aliens than it does for veteran services or cancer services—combined!

The New York City mayor’s office says it is now providing $12.52 per day for every illegal alien on SNAP benefits for food and baby supplies. That’s 40% higher than what the average low-income American receives. That works out to more than $53 million in freebies for every illegal alien who signs up for it in the Big Apple.

Here’s how benefits for illegal aliens stack up against other programs in New York City for the coming year:

  • Illegal Alien Welfare Leeches: $53 million
  • NY Dept. of Veteran Services: $21 million
  • Office of National & Community Service: $18 million
  • Division of Human Rights: $25 million
  • Cancer Services Program: $19.8 million

The criminal Biden regime, which is refusing to enforce black letter immigration laws in this country, is also shelling out tons of taxpayer money to illegal aliens through refugee programs. Every single illegal alien is being classified as a refugee seeking asylum despite the fact that exactly zero of them fit the legal definition of a refugee.

What this does is it fast-tracks the illegal aliens to become American citizens. If they win their asylum case in a leftwing court, they automatically become citizens. It’s much quicker than following the process of coming to the country legally, applying for a green card, and working your way through the system. If they aren’t deported immediately once Donald Trump wins reelection, many of the illegals Joe Biden is letting in today will be eligible to vote for Democrats by 2028.

Ready to be insulted even more?

The Biden regime isn’t exactly sure how much money it’s giving to every illegal alien through the Refugee Assistance Program, which is under the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s somewhere under $1,000 per month, but they’re not sure of the exact number. That’s on top of whatever state and municipal cash handouts the illegals are given.

On top of that, the Biden regime is shelling out your tax dollars to illegals through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program right now. A couple with three kids can receive almost $700 a month in welfare payments that were originally meant for low-income Americans.

But wait—there’s more!

The State Department claims that it is not giving any cash handouts to illegal aliens. That, of course, is a lie. Refugee resettlement programs across the country are being sent a one-time payment from the State Department of $2,375 for every illegal alien. The money can be used by the agencies to pay for the rent, food, clothing, and other assistance of illegal aliens. For a family of four, that works out to $9,500 in immediate cash assistance.

Most Americans don’t even realize this is happening because the lying media is covering up for the Biden regime. New York City considers illegal aliens more than twice as valuable as American veterans. This is disgusting. The Democrats deserve to lose the White House and at least a hundred seats in Congress this November as retaliation for what they are doing to our country.