Bomb Attack Thwarted: Ukraine Tried to Assassinate Tucker Carlson

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Immediately after the world learned that Tucker Carlson was in Russia to interview President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian intelligence services added Tucker’s name to the Myrotvorets ‘Kill List.’ That’s a list of foreign politicians, journalists, and other notable people who have been targeted for assassination by Ukraine’s Center for Countering Disinformation. Within a matter of days, Ukrainian intelligence services tried to plant a bomb to kill Tucker Carlson in Moscow. Fortunately, Russian intelligence services caught the spy who had been paid to carry out that attack.

Russian news outlets are reporting that a 35-year-old man named Vasiliev Pyotr Alexeieovich was arrested in the planning stages of the attempt to kill Tucker with a car bomb. Alexeieovich confessed under questioning that the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense was going to pay him $4,000 to attach a bomb to a car in the parking garage at the Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow. He says he didn’t know at the time that Tucker Carlson was the target.

Much of the news cycle this week has been consumed by coverage of the incredible story that the New York Times broke over the weekend. Back in 2014, Barack Obama had the CIA stage a color revolution in Ukraine on behalf of George Soros to overthrow Ukraine’s democratically elected government. Ukraine has been a puppet state of the American government’s Deep State ever since.

Since 2014, the CIA has been setting up bases inside Ukraine to try to provoke Russia into a proxy war. We knew from reports two years ago that the CIA had set up bioweapons labs in Ukraine. The New York Times revealed that the CIA also set up 12 forward operating intelligence bases near the Russian border.

All of this relates to the Tucker Carlson assassination attempt because the CIA has been training and operating Ukraine’s intelligence services for the past decade. Either directly or indirectly, the Joe Biden regime was involved in the attempt to have a foreign government assassinate Tucker Carlson. All to prevent the world from hearing Russia’s perspective on the war that your tax dollars are paying for. By the way, where do you suppose the $4,000 to pay the assassin came from since Ukraine doesn’t have an economy these days? Oh, right. You paid for that, too.

Many Western media outlets go out of their way to claim that the Myrotvorets kill list is not really a kill list. They say it’s just a list of people who have been critical of Ukraine or pro-Russia, and they publish the names and other personal information on those people to stop them from spreading “disinformation.” Multiple Russian politicians and their family members on the Myrotvorets list, however, have been killed inside Russia over the past two years that the war has been going on. They’re usually killed in car bomb attacks.

Other Americans on the list include former Sen. Richard Black (R-VA), who has been critical of US foreign policy in Ukraine. Diane Sare, who ran as an Independent against Chuck Schumer in the New York Senate race in 2022, is also on the list. So is former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter and former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. They all have one thing in common with Tucker Carlson. They’ve all been critical of the Zelensky dictatorship in Ukraine and the crimes against humanity that the Ukrainian government has been committing for the past two years. Tucker is simply the only one on the list who has gotten physically close enough to Ukraine for them to try to take him out.

Here’s the video that has appeared on Russian media of the spy who was tasked with assassinating Tucker Carlson: