Ketanji Brown Jackson Thinks Bump Stocks Can Fire 800 Rounds per Second

Guy Midkiff /
Guy Midkiff /

If you were a judge and you had to hear a case on a subject about which you lacked knowledge, wouldn’t you do some cursory research before the case started? We’d like to think that most judges would do this. But not Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson! During an important Second Amendment case hearing last week, Justice Jackson displayed a colossal amount of ignorance about the subject.

The case is Garland v. Cargill. It’s better known as “the bump stock case.” During the case, the great Justice Clarence Thomas asked the Biden regime’s lawyers to explain the difference between pulling the trigger on a bump stock-fitted rifle versus a fully automatic one.

The Biden regime’s lawyer answered that in the videos they had provided to the court, “They show that when the shooter is doing this, the hand is moving back and forth very fast, 600 times a second. That’s not happening because the shooter is able to move their hand back and forth 600 — or, I’m sorry, 600 times a minute.”

Both the lawyer’s initial answer and his correction were false. There is no mechanism in existence that would allow a rifle to fire 600 rounds per minute or second. If there was, we would definitely want to own it.

Not to be outdone, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson then told the lawyer, “So I see Congress as putting function in this. The function of this trigger is to cause this kind of damage, 800 rounds a second or whatever.”

Or whatever!

It’s just a case regarding a fundamental constitutional right of Americans. 600 rounds per second, 800 rounds per second. Or whatever!

We don’t know whether to feel embarrassed or scared that a person this ignorant is on the highest court in the land. The good news is that she’s now outnumbered by a lot, thanks to President Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court.