Al Jazeera Caught Lying Yet Again To Rile the Natives in Gaza

Gil C /
Gil C /

Tame Qatari news outlet Al Jazeera was widely known for being one of the most accurate and unbiased news sources in the Middle East for decades. However, after Iranian-backed Hamas militants attacked Israel on behalf of Gaza, that all changed. Shifting from a strictly impartial network to a Muslim-first agenda, they have been going after the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) with extreme prejudice.

Recently a story alleging IDF troops were assaulting and raping Palestinian people in a Gaza hospital was run front and center. Dedicating significant resources to reporting the story, they ensured the story quickly went viral and was re-shared by every terrorist loving liberal they could reach.

Now, according to The Jerusalem Post, they have deleted the story less than 24 hours after publishing it.

In the deleted page, they ascertained that IDF troops were in the midst of their latest efforts into Gaza against Hamas and Islamic Jihadists. These Islamic fighters had traveled to Gaza to join the effort against Israel and allegedly barricaded themselves inside the Shifa Hospital, which has now been turned into an HQ of sorts for Hamas.

Al Jazeera columnist and former director Yasser Abuhilalah tweeted, “It was revealed through Hamas investigations that the story of the rape of women in Al-Shifa Hospital was fabricated… The woman who spoke about rape justified her exaggeration and incorrect talk by saying that the goal was to arouse the nation’s fervor and brotherhood. As if more than thirty thousand martyrs, ninety thousand wounded, about a million displaced people, and comprehensive destruction were not enough!”

Jamila Al-Hessi, a Gazan woman, had her testimony featured to spread the message across social media. She claimed that while she was being attacked near the hospital, she saw IDF troops not only raping women but torching entire families alive. This is the same kind of BS propaganda they used against US troops in Iraq back in 2003-2005. It’s abysmal and even worse than the fighting in Gaza. They should be ashamed.