71-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Facing Imprisonment For Wandering Around the Capitol on January 6

Lucky-photographer / shutterstock.com
Lucky-photographer / shutterstock.com

Meet Rebecca Lavrenz. She’s a God-fearing great-grandmother who owns a quaint bed and breakfast in Colorado. At 71 years old, she’s hardly someone you would think of as a rabble-rousing, protest-leading terrorist. But, thanks to the hard work of the Department of Justice, Americans can sleep easier knowing this face of rebellion is facing jail time for her role in…well, wandering around the Capitol building on January 6 and having a brief but pleasant conversation with Capitol police before leaving the building as instructed.

Rebecca Lavrenz felt “compelled” to make the trip east to pray for her country. Like most of the thousands of people present on January 6, she felt Biden’s “victory” wasn’t exactly a “victory.” She showed up that day to pray for her country and to stand up for her “First Amendment rights to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Except she, like many other peaceful protestors on that day, would find out that in Biden’s administration, with a corrupt and weaponized Department of Justice, frivolous things like the Constitution no longer matter. She chose the wrong side and will pay for it three years later.

On April 19, 2021, two FBI agents “visited” Lavrenz’s Colorado home. They were politely asked to return another time by the apron-wearing, flour-covered terrorist. She was busy baking a pie for her son.

One week later, the agents returned for a chat with the elderly rabble-rouser, leading to months of investigations into her nefarious plot to overthrow the government.

Like many others that day, the elderly Lavrenz entered the building through an open door. She explained that, like most peaceful protestors entering the building that day, an open and unguarded door seemed an invitation to go inside. After wandering the halls for about twelve minutes, she ran into a Capitol police officer who told her she needed to leave. She complied immediately, and her brief stint as a tourist was over.

Except it wasn’t.

According to the criminal complaint, Lavrenz faces several charges related to her involvement in the January 6, 2021, incident. These charges include entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds, a separate charge of disruptive conduct in the Capitol, and parading or demonstrating in the Capitol.

She is the latest victim in the left’s relentless quest to portray January 6, 2021, as a “violent insurrection.”
Following the incident, federal prosecutors have filed charges against over 1,200 individuals spanning almost all 50 states and D.C. These charges encompass offenses ranging from obstructing an official proceeding to assault. Furthermore, over 1,033 individuals have been charged explicitly for their involvement in “storming the Capitol” on that particular day.

The DOJ’s story of unhinged lunatics wreaking havoc inside the building starkly contrasts eyewitness testimony and video footage of the incident. Videos from the Capitol on January 6, which Speaker Mike Johnson released after former Speaker Nancy Pelosi initially withheld them, depict numerous peaceful protesters casually moving through the Capitol while officers either escort them or appear relaxed and untroubled.

Her recent convictions could earn her a fine of over $200,000 and up to a year in prison. However, she’s far from the only one trapped in the DOJ’s wild conspiracy theory.

Stewart Parks, a 31-year-old man from Nashville, Tennessee, is facing eight months in federal prison for the exact charges as Lavrenz. He and his defense team were astonished to watch an Obama-appointed judge help prosecutors form their case against him in the courtroom. Calling the trial a “one-sided” affair, Parks said the judge “colluded, coached, and blatantly sided” with the prosecution.

He was accused of theft after finding a metal detector in the building and walking around with it. He left the equipment behind when he left the building, a fact that even prosecutors were forced to acknowledge. Still, prosecutors insisted he be forced to pay for the metal detector. It was the one charge even the biased judge couldn’t make stick and was subsequently dismissed.

When the FBI knocked down his front door in June 2021, Parks was unaware of them. He wears hearing aids and did not have them in at 6 a.m. He was wrestled out of bed and paraded down the street in his underwear and shorts as his neighbors turned out for the show.

The left fully believes that the more people they toss in jail, the more Americans will believe their narrative of a “violent insurrection.” But when defendants include a prayerful great-grandmother and a real estate agent with no prior criminal record, Americans now recognize that the Biden administration has turned the country into something unrecognizable.