McEnany Breaks Down the “Math” of Biden’s War on Christianity

Romolo Tavani /
Romolo Tavani /

We all know Biden and his administration are clearly anti-conservative. But as former White House press secretary, now Fox News host, Kayleigh McEnany explained, it’s becoming more and more evident that Biden is also quite anti-Christian.

The evidence of such was brought forth on “Outnumbered,” the show she usually hosts for. She began by saying that it’s not hard to see the war Biden is waging on Christianity with your own eyes. All it takes is simply doing the “math.”

She said, “Viewers can do math. The American people can do math.”

Then she began to list the evidence.

“When you have an administration that won’t use the word Christian, when six Christians are murdered, when you have an administration whose FBI talks about going after radical, traditional Catholicism….”

She went on to discuss how undercover agents are being put in churches to ferret out extremism. And, of course, she had to mention all of the attacks on churches, pro-lifers, and Christians as of late – with a vast majority of them going unanswered by the Biden administration.

To her, these are all parts of the math problem that equals “an overt anti-conservative, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian bias.”
And she’s not exactly wrong.

From just about day one of Biden being in office, anti-Christian hate and words have been allowed to proliferate. Remember how churches were targeted during the COVID pandemic more than most “non-essential” businesses?

And McEnany is not the only one who’s noticed the bias against Christians, the faith our nation was built on.

House Majority Leader Steven Scalise from Louisiana and Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik of New York also have rather serious concerns about where Biden and his administration are leading our nation in terms of faith.

Stefanik noted that it is particularly disturbing that Biden’s FBI has recently been outed for planting spies into American churches in a concentrated effort to supposedly combat “domestic extremism.” But it’s becoming clearer by the day that “domestic extremism” loosely translates to anything Biden and his left-leaning party don’t like.

Protesters of abortion clinics and even just your average pro-lifers are now targets for Biden’s Justice Department just because their views don’t align quite right.

And as Fox News has reported, attacks on Christians and faith-based facilities have only increased since Biden’s assumption of the Oval Office. In fact, since Biden took office, the number of attacks on Christians and Catholics has just about tripled.

During the first quarter of this year alone, there have been “69 acts of hostility against churches in 29 states.” This includes 53 acts of vandalism, ten arson attempts, three bomb threats, three “gun-related incidents,” and two others labeled assault.

According to FRC, this is three times the number of hostile acts recorded during “the same time frame last year.”

Again, that’s just from the first quarter of this year.

And as McEnany reported, that doesn’t include the whopping 81 attacks that have recently taken place at pro-life facilities. Even worse is that only a dismal number of those have even been prosecuted – just two. The rest have literally been ignored.

Yes, you read that correctly. Out of 81 attacks, only two have gone to trial and seen justice prevail.

Now, you wonder why anti-Christian hate crimes are up?

If it’s clear Biden won’t do anything about it, why would criminals or those against the faith hesitate to act? Hell, Biden didn’t really even condemn the outright murder of Christian children in the recent Nashville shooting.

And now, we have major institutions like Walter Reed Military Hospital cutting all ties with religion. If you weren’t aware, like most hospitals, Walter Reed has had contracts with neighboring churches for decades, allowing priests and pastors to offer services and prayers to patients and families in need of hope.
But that contract has just been axed. In its place, a contract has been given to a secular (not religious) group.

So prayers aren’t even allowed in hospitals now? Our military heroes don’t deserve prayer and hope? That’s the message Biden is giving.

And when he allows such hatred against his own faith, I don’t know how we could see it exactly as McEnany does – a war has been waged, and Biden is at the head of it.