What Trump’s Looking for in a 2024 Running Mate

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

By now, you know that former President Donald Trump is again running for the White House. And things are looking so good for him that there is already talk of him choosing a running mate for the 2024 ticket.

In recent weeks, polling for Trump continues to do well, despite an indictment trial, and several other successful and even big-name GOP members considered opposing him. In fact, the gap between the former president and even names like Florida’s big-hitting Ron DeSantis is so large that many pundits on both sides of the aisle believe Trump already has the nomination in the bag.

And that means it’s time to talk about a suitable running mate.

So who would Trump choose?

Well, according to those close to the situation, there are a few significant qualities such an individual must have.

Loyalty to Trump is at the very top. This is all that unexpected, especially considering how controversial Trump has been in recent years. As one insider told the Daily Caller, “Loyalty. That’s the necessary characteristic of anyone who wants to be VP. President Trump and the movement were dragged down by disloyalty in the White House.”

And this means that Trump’s last VP, Mike Pence, is out of the running.

If you remember, Trump and Pence made a pretty good team, pairing well in the White House. And Trump says they had a great relationship. That is until Pence went ahead and certified the votes of the 2020 election, naming Biden as the next president.

For Trump, this was a complete betrayal that he could not forgive or at least get over enough to welcome Pence back into his inner circle. Plus, as Trump told the Washington Examiner last year, he doesn’t think “the people would accept it.”

Of course, Trump seems to be looking for a few other characteristics in a running mate. According to one insider, other than loyalty, they must have their own charisma and be ideologically aligned with Trump.

Again, these aren’t anything we shouldn’t expect.

Regarding charisma, we all know Trump values personality and the ability to make waves. And when standing next to him, a running mate would have to be able to hold their own.

As for being ideologically aligned, I’m sure this is a requirement of almost any presidential nominee. I mean, who wants a ticket mate who doesn’t believe in the same ideas, policies, etc., as you?

Additionally, it seems that Trump may be looking for a female candidate to run with him.

As one GOP consultant told The Caller, it’s not really that Trump needs it to be a female for the sake of being more diverse. Instead, it’s more about how most people with the qualities he’s looking for are female.

Women like Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia or New York’s Elise Stefanik. Former Arizona GOP candidate Kari Lake, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and GOP governors Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have also managed to make the possible shortlist.

However, a few issues may cut some from the list. Nikki Haley, for instance, has already announced her bid for the White House. Kari Lake says she wants to seek a Senate seat come 2024. And Greene has stated that she wishes to stay in House for now, according to the Daily Caller.

But as I said, it’s still early so a lot could change.

There is one male that has managed to make it as a possible VP choice for Trump. Enter Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley. As one consultant said of Hawley, he is “very, very interested in policy.” And that policy all seem to be Trump-aligned. He also doesn’t seem interested in “overshadowing Trump.”

And he “looks the part.” As several insiders noted, one other characteristic Trump likes is the ability to make a good impression through looks and mannerisms. And Hawley does that well.

In any case, any of these has to be better than we have in the White House now.