NYC Mayor Wants to Fight Global Warming by Limiting How Much Meat People Can Eat

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People had high hopes that incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams would be an improvement over the outgoing Marxist, Pothead Bill De Blasio. Put those hopes to rest, New Yorkers! Adams might be even worse. He unveiled a plan this week to reduce your food-based carbon emissions by 33% over the next seven years. Wow, that’s generous and helpful. And how does Mayor Adams plan to force the people of New York City to reduce their food-based carbon emissions? By tracking all of their grocery store purchases, he plans to limit how much meat they’re eating.

Under this dystopian plan, the New York City government will begin tracking everyone’s “food choices” by using credit card data. By tracking everyone’s food purchases, Adams says this is a step towards “reducing the CO2 output” of everyone in the Big Apple.

Here’s the part that Adams did not say out loud, and which the media was either too dumb or too eager to ask about. How exactly is he going to reduce the CO2 output of people by tracking their food purchases? The answer is, tracking purchases won’t do anything to reduce anyone’s CO2 output. The only way to reduce someone’s CO2 output would be to limit their meat and dairy purchases—which is what Adams really plans to do. That’s the second part of the plan, which he’s not saying out loud for now.

So far, American Express is the only credit card company that has signed on to this new plan to make everyone miserable for the sake of the weather. But given the way that the cult of global warming has captivated so many big banks and corporations, it’s not hard to imagine the rest of them jumping on board soon.

Adams acknowledged on Monday that it might be a difficult task to force people to change their diets just because he belongs to a cult. “I don’t know if people are really ready for this conversation.”

Maybe that’s why Adams didn’t bother to have a conversation with New Yorkers about it at all. No one voted for this. Adams didn’t ask anyone if they want their city government intruding into their grocery shopping and telling them what they cannot or cannot buy to feed their families. He just announced that he’s doing it.

Not that this was Eric Adams’s idea in the first place. He’s following orders from the lizard overlords at the World Economic Forum (WEF). In the WEF’s “My Carbon” plot against humanity, the group openly states that it plans to track everyone’s personal CO2 consumption.

The WEF admits that it was difficult to get people on board with tracking personal purchases in places like London and 13 other cities which are now tracking everyone’s grocery shopping. But fortunately for the WEF, the COVID pandemic came along (there’s always a silver lining with every crisis for these people). Government intrusion into everyone’s lives during the pandemic softened many people up to the idea of having the government track their grocery purchases.

If you’re wondering how the mayor of New York City, the credit card companies, and the grocery stores will be able to limit people’s meat purchases, that’s coming with the all-digital currency that they hope to force on us. If you’ve had your meat allotment for the month, they’ll just shut your money off.

And don’t think that these people plan to just stop at limiting meat purchases. They totally plan to keep going. They’ll limit your fuel purchases and anything else that they believe is hurting the weather. They want you to eat the bugs, live in a pod, own nothing, and like it.