Pennsylvania Biden Voters Don’t Want Biden to Run Again

Michael F. Hiatt /
Michael F. Hiatt /

Just a few days ago, Joe Biden announced that he’d be running for president in 2024. He made the announcement in a shoddy pre-recorded video that aired on Twitter in the early a.m. since he’s not allowed to speak live for more than about 30 seconds these days. That went over like a you-know-what in the punchbowl with most Democrat voters. ABC News was stunned this past weekend when they traveled to Pennsylvania to survey Democrat voters. It turns out, they’re not happy with Creepy Joe.

Pennsylvania was one of the swing states that was stolen from President Trump in 2020. At midnight on the eve of the 2020 election, Biden was trailing President Trump by about 740,000 votes. After the state spent two weeks counting mail-in ballots that kept trickling in, Biden somehow “won.” No one has ever even attempted to give a logical explanation for this. You’re just supposed to shut up and accept it.

Following the theft of the election, the Biden White House proceeded to wreck the American economy and get us into two new wars in Ukraine and Sudan. Well, as of this writing, it’s two new wars. They may start another one before we all wake up tomorrow.

It’s hilarious these days to watch all of the Democrat voters with buyer’s remorse, who keep saying they didn’t vote for any of this train wreck that Biden has delivered. You kind of did vote for this, Democrats! That’s how voting works. Maybe you should have joined the millions of Americans complaining about the stolen election in 2020 if you didn’t want this to happen.

ABC News’s Martha Raddatz traveled to Pennsylvania a few days ago, to see how pumped-up Democrats are to have Joe Biden running again. Watch until the end of this video, when she finally finds some honest Democrats who talk about Joe Biden just isn’t doing it for them. It’s hilarious!